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How Does This Look for a 52 YO?


52 yoa, 6'2" 250lbs body fat around 23 to 27 % currently dieting to cut it down.

Gym mon thru friday morning at 5 am till 6 am mon legs, tuesday back, and bis. wed shoulders, abds, calvs (extra), thursday chest, tris. friday cardio aka treadmill.

current cycle x-tren 120mg ed. epistane 30mg ed.

Currnet Supplements fishoil 3000mg a day, 1000mg cla, mulit from NOW Foods 2 to 3 caps a day.

5mg creatine a day, 4 scoops extend BCAA during workout. 2 Protein shakes a day. Lots and lots of food keeping it low in carbs and take in as much protein as i can.

am bulking up got to where i wanted now its time to cut it down.

my current test results are as follows

Testosterone total = 446 ng/dl
Reference range 250-1100

total testosterone was measured by LCMSMS The LCMSMSmethod correlates well with our extraction/RIA method (what ever that means)

% Free Testosterone 2.14 % reference range is 1.5-2.2

Testosterone, Free 95.6 pg/ml
Reference Range is 35.0-155.0

just wondering how this all looks for building a better ME.


the numbers aren't great, but they're not terrible either.

I guess it would all depend on your symptoms or any issues you are having - and what your estradiol, thyroid, cortisol, etc. blood tests look like.

if you don't have any symptoms or complaints then I would strongly recommend staying away from HRT.


Is X-Tren comparable to testosterone cypionate? This is not a pro hormone right? Drop the fish oil and eat more saturated fat and your T levels should skyrocket. Too much protein is not good - you don't need protein shakes bro.


Are these your opinions, or do you have research data to back up these claims?


In another thread he said you should only have sex "once a week otherwise your testicles are producing sperm instead of testosterone all the time"