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How Does This Diet Look?


I have been eating this for about 6 months now and weigh 177lbs at 6 ft 2 and my weight is pretty stable, what would you recommend adding in and where to gain a little more? seems quite balanced to me

On an average lifting day I will eat:


4 whole egg omelet and a cup full of home made baked beans (haricot, butter beans, black eyed peas, kidney beans cooked in tinned tomato, no added salt)




200gram of chicken with lots of spinach, onion, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed seeds and carrot


same as above but with a tin of tuna instead of the chicken


large handful of mixed buts (peanut, brazil, hazelnut, almond, walnut) and raisins


Pre workout shake 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop powdered oats, and pulse v4 pre workout)

after workout:

1 scoop whey and banana


200grams Turkey breast, 1 sweet potato, 150grams broccoli

9pm greek yoghurt and pineapple


1 scoop whey and 300ml skimmed milk



The food choices seem fine, just increase the amounts enough that you start gaining weight.

At 6'2, unless you're a natural bodybuilder in contest shape, you're underweight. And since you're asking this sort of question, I can assume this is not the case. So, I would suggest upping the carbs significantly, and probably doubling up on 1 or more of the whey protein servings. Based on what it looks like you like to eat, I would add maybe another sweet potato, or oats, or even more vegetable servings early in the day.


I will start eating a sweet potato at lunch and more all over then! cheers for the advice,

do you think drinking more milk is a good idea as well?


Milk works well for me. I personally drink at least 1/2 gal (usually a bit more) every single day. Milk is highly insulinogenic, so it can help trigger muscle growth hormonally, beyond the simple Protein/fat/carb content. I drink whole milk. Since you're getting basically zero animal fat in your diet, you could probably switch to whole milk with no problem.


What did you weigh 6 months ago?

Add a protein source.

Add a protein source.

Slightly increase the protein and carbs in both of these.

You could also add some healthy fats throughout the day. Other than the egg and nuts, your meals are pretty low fat.

That would quickly and painlessly add a few hundred calories of quality nutrition to your day. Let progress commence.


I have maintained my weight whilst eating this, before that I managed to gain about a stone in 6 months but it wasn't very lean gains,

thanks for your advice, I'll definitely use these tips


If a dude your height gained 14 pounds over the course of 6 months and most of it was fat, then your training or your food choices were screwed up.

When you were 6'2" and 160-something pounds, you were underweight. You're still underweight now, but you were 6 months ago too. Well-designed hard training and a diet high in calories and good quality protein should've had muscle jumping onto you.


I did a lot of cycling before which kept my weight down. it wasn't mostly fat but this past 6 months I seem to have kept the same weight but have got leaner which I'm happy about, I was just interested to see what points of my diet could be improved on. thanks for your input



Might be a language barrier problem here, but as long as you think you got some advice, that's good I guess.