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How Does This Cycles Look

My goal is size and strength.

2 Cycles Of:

Squat 5s Pro
Squat 1x20 Widowmaker w/ FSL
Assistance 50-100 Push/Pull/Leg

Bench 5s Pro
Bench 5x5 SSL
Assistance 50-100 Push/Pull/Leg

Deadlift 5s Pro
Deadlift 5x5 FSL
Assistance 50-100 Push/Pull/Leg

OHP 5s Pro
OHP 10x5 FSL
Assistance 50-100 Push/Pull/Leg

1 Cycle of:

5/3/1 PR Sets with 5x5 FSL and Jokers.

Obviously I will follow the 7th week Deloads and TM test. Once finished I will evaluate and repeat. I’m really struggling with the above routine and BBB FSL, I feel like BBB FSL is not something you can run long term but more of something you run 2 cycles in a 1 year span.

What do you mean by this?

1 set for 20 reps with First Set used that day.

So on week 3, you’ll do 20 reps with 75% of your TM?

Fair play if you can do it.

I’ve run a full Widowmaker routine before and it’s all about the right TM, 80-85%.

Just to clarify, I wasn’t saying you shouldn’t do it, or that it’s a bad idea. Just impressed by the work. Sounds like an ass kicker.

Yeah the 20 Rep squat suck but also in a weird way fun.

I’m struggling between running the above routine or just doing BBB FSL

Can’t advise you much either way, as I haven’t run either. When I ran traditional BBB, I found it boring as fuck, but YMMV.

What’s your typical cycle?

Very un-5/3/1 at the minute. Trying to expand my toolbox a bit while I build back up to previous strength levels.

The majority of my best gains previously have been from following Jim’s programming to the letter though.

Why made you choose the Widowmakers for Squats, SSL for Bench, and 10x5 for OHP for the supplemental? Do you feel you get more out of them than 5x5 FSL for example?

I’m not the OP but it’s near as damnit the 531 for hardgainers template.

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I was part of Jim’s private forum for a while and he talks about how you don’t have to do the same supplemental template for each main lift and from his experience 1x20 FSL works great for Squat, 5x5 SSL works great for Bench, 5x5 FSL works great for DL and 10x5 FSL works great for OHP.


I mean…

Why not just run 531 for hardgainers?
It’s almost the same but JW’s version

Sometimes I surprise myself with the depth of my insight.