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How Does This Cut Look?


Rather than type it all out I attached an Excel sheet of each step. I might tinker with steps 6 & 7

edit: Tweaked it and posted screen shot on page 2


Wow are you sure you calculated the nutritional content correctly?

Over 300 grams of protein for only that little?


It looks pretty reasonable. Personally, I would probably nix a bit of the fat (say, a serving of nuts a day) in favor of some more veggies for satiety purposes. Up to you though.


if thats your cut, you must be one beefed up mofo! seriously thats like 1.75 my maintenece and my LBM is 180. at first i thought i had misread cut and you meant bulk, but after reviewing it did say cut. looks clean though, maybe ill go a similar route on my next bulk? or maybe im readin it wrong and your slowly cutting the cals out?


I should note I'm at 230 right now. I'm at 5000 calories per day at the end of my bulk, and I actually had stopped gaining weight the last couple weeks, so apparently it takes that many calories to get me to 230 lol. I bulked up from 187 @10.5% bf; I was averaging around 2900 calories per day then.

The shake that I mention at each step actually has about 55g protein in it, so that's how I'm over 300


he weighs 230lbs. 300g of protein is only 1.3x his bodyweight. anything from 1-2g/lbs of bodyweight is reasonable. i think theres a thread dedicated to you to stop giving advice.

and to the OP, i suck at cutting so i have no advice for you lol :slightly_smiling:


Im at almost the exact same stage as you are right now, I started cutting a few weeks ago, but i remember seeing your lifts in another thread and even they are similar to mine o_0


I think your calories might be high to start with but as long as you dont have a hard deadline (like a contest or something) then you should be fine. Just see if you're dropping weight at a rate that you find acceptable and if not just drop a little more cals.

What're you cutting for? Just for the summer?


well if your just coming off a 5000cal bulk im sure you'll lose a little from dropping over 1000 cals a day. i was just curious because my maintenance is around 27-2900cals, thats why it seemed a little high to me. jsut remember it's about 3500 cals to equal one pound of body fat, its hard to give individual advice when there are so many factors at play such as your BMR, activity level, etc.


Pretty much. I'm tired of bulking as well, I burn out on it after about 6 months. I have no hard deadline at all.


^^ ok cool. I think you can safely lower your cals more than what you outlined but you can just try it out and see what's up


Well why comment then?

Did it look like I knew he weighed 230lbs? I thought he was like 180 or something.


why would someone who weighs 180lbs be cutting? cutting to what?


why their favorite goth rock of course...


For what my humble opinion's worth (I've cut at a bit smaller frame than yours), I think this looks like a great transition from such a caloric surplus. Good to ease into it for a smoother transition. Eventually though, I'm guessing you'll have to look at dropping cals significantly (like around 10x your BW) as well as dropping carbs to <100g.


He didn't say how tall he is and could have been 5'0 180 did you think of that?




I didn't glance at the spreadsheet yet, but from your ass pic in the other thread, this cut looks... badly needed. Bu-duh-dum!

Thanks, I'll be here all week.

In all seriousness, I agree with gregron. Kcals can be lowered more, and will need to be lowered more, as you go on. As an example, I have a few lbs on you, and I am dieting right now on about 2,000 kcals on non-workout days, and 2800-3000 on workout days.

How quickly will you transition between the steps?


I like that you've broken your cut into steps. Is this an unwavering plan or just a general template? Also, how long will each of those steps last for?

I think if 5,000 kcal is enough for you to gain/maintain your bodyweight at around 230, then starting at almost 4900 kcal probably isn't going to elicit any weight loss at all. If your intent is to transition into a hypocaloric diet, then you might want to keep your calories at a level just below "maintainence" while gradually lowering them.

As far as macronutrient breakdown is concerned, I'm a really big proponent of high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets for improving body composition. Insulin has very potent inhibitory effects on lipolytic enzymes, which causes a reduction in fat mobilization and oxidation.


I'm going to try and stick to the steps on the spreadsheet pretty strictly. Ideally each one of those steps will be one week. Step 6 will probably be for a couple weeks. Step 7 is the step I'll stay at for a while, but I could go much lower, I just haven't planned it out yet. The Non Workout Days portion I'll be doing on my conditioning days, starting when I'm at step 5 of the cut.

With regards to lowering the calories even more; if it takes me 2900 calories to maintain 187 @10.5% bf, wouldn't going lower result in me cutting down to a point below that then? For instance if I was to drop to say 2300 calories on non workout days (going low carb) and 2500 calories on workout days, wouldn't the muscle waste away and leave me at like 180 or something? Or is the idea that I do it for a little while, svelten down to what I'm aiming for (about 205 @ 7%), and then up calories to like 2800 or whatever for a maintenance phase so I don't dip too far below 205? I know it's a noob question but I've never really done this much of a bulk before, nor had to cut this much.