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How Does the GI Work?


I have a question about how GI works.

When you eat simple carbs, like white bread and sugar, ur insulin levels spike like crazy, and this leads to u being hungrier earlier. Correct?

Lets say that i finish my sandwhich at lunch and i am still hungry. I can not eat again for another few hours. Is it worth buying something like a rice crispy treat to sustain my hunger until later, or will the rice krispy just make me hungrier earlier then if i didnt eat it?

DO u understand what im asking?

If not i will try to make myself more clear.

Thanks alot.



Its not clear what you are saying.

Do you mean you want to prevent hunger by eating this snack bar or sustain it, you actually said 'sustain' it like its some masochistic ritual ?

To backtrack a bit, GI as you probably know is a rating system carbs pertaining to their effect on blood sugar levels. Carbs you could call 'fast transit' like liquid glucose or similar have the highest glycemic indices.

The blood sugar level goes up quickly. In response to this is whats known as pulsatile insulin secretion which corresponds to how much the blood sugar levels have been elevated which generally relates to the GI and how many carbs you just ate.

Conversely carbs that break down more slowly like those found in vegetables will result in a slower glucose transit a lot more gradually into the blood stream, have a low glycemic index.

What effects hunger is basically the blood sugar levels, but carbs in general have appetite stimulating effects. Fats and proteins would make you feel fuller, or fats / proteins with carbs, like a peanut butter sandwhich. Even if the break was high GI the Fat should blunt the insulin response somewhat.

There are other factors though, depending on how hungry you will get, including the regulation of energy balance and neurotransmitters like neuropeptide Y, which can fluctaute with different food intake levels.

In other words eating some kind of high carb high GI bar will prob just make you as hungry as eating nothing, it doesn't sound like decent food anyway. Eat another sandwhich.


I think you mean curb your hunger not sustain it. Eating a worthless Rice crispy treat will definately increase insulin release and make you hungry.

If your sandwich is not made with processed IE white bread and contains a higher protien ratio than your bread has carbs and maybe you have a little fat on the sandwich or from a boiled egg (Yolk)this will help to limit insulin release and help sustain a more even bld sugar. Thus curbing the hunger or at least staving it off for a bit longer than usual.


Sorry for the unclear question.

I dont think i used the word "sustain" i think the mods changed it.

Mod Note: LOL No, it was not changed. That wouldn't even make sense.

My question is this:

if i am sorta hungry now, but cant eat again until 2-3 hours later and i dont want to be hungry in between those hours, will it be better to eat a rice krispy, or am i better of not eating anything, because the blood sugar spike will make me hungrier in an hour?


To get to the root of it. If you ARE hungry less then 2-3 hours after your last meal there was something wrong with your last meal. Probably not enough protein.

And you have to write some really stupid and incoherent stuff to have the mods change stuff.

Or try to post Schubert?s "Die Forelle".