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How Does the 1-Ply Apex Compare to the Titan F6


Thinking about buying one of the two, anyone have experience with the apex. I know the F6 is a great shirt.


The Apex isn't approved for IPF/USAPL use, so if that's your Fed of choice, no need to compare any further.


Pretty sure it's basically a Rage X with a different logo..


haha thats all I need then. F6 HERE I COME!


Not sure about the 1-ply apex, i have a double, the material is very much like a rage X, very very deep neckline, easy to muscle up in, comfortable chest plate with a little more room in the arms. I'm very happy with mine, and would recomend one to anyone. They are legal in GPC now, and last i heard they were working on IPF approval.


There's still a "ban" on new shirts in the IPF, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for approval for the Apex.
The F6 is a good shirt, easy to use and there are thousands of people out there with experience in them, so not a bad choice really.