How Does Online Coaching Work?

For those of you who have done online coaching as a coach, how do you go about the process from a workflow prospective? I’ve had an online coach before, and I sent weekly email updates with how my workouts went, how I felt that week, pictures, weigh in, and any deviations from the nutrition plan.

As a coach, how do you keep track of all the clients and their needs? Do you have any software that helps you with this, seperate excel sheets, or just organize it via email?

It has been done all the ways you listed. Trainerize is a popular program for personal trainers. I know one guy with a part time coaching biz who keeps it all in Excel and word. It depends on what you feel comfortable with and how detailed you want to be.

Or when you become so popular you can just fire off the same thing or past plan of past clients to everyone or those similar. :slightly_smiling: