How Does One Achieve Such a Physique?

i know you need dedication,proper nutrition ,workout and genetics. but for a normal person weighing 230,240,250lbs,is it possible get to this level of shreddedness? what kind of supplements these people take?

I’d suggest getting older


That guy in particular started training when he was 12 years old and kept at it for 35 years, eventually becoming a fitness model and competitive bodybuilder where it’s literally his job to be in that kind of shape.

A “normal” person could maybe-possibly-perhaps reach that kind of shape eventually (depending on where they’re starting from), maintain it for a few hours and take a few pictures for posterity, then drift away from that level of conditioning and settle into maintaining something with slightly less definition. Nobody walks around 24/7 with shoulder striations and clear oblique separation.


maintain for few hours? why? why isnt it possible to maintain this kind of physique ?

and how do you get there? take steroids,hgh,etc etc?

you’re asking the wrong questions if your first inclination is to ask about supplements.

as Chris said, he’s not going to maintain THIS level of conditioning year-round. Although I will say, I bet he stays pretty close to it. Probably a couple bodyfat percentages above it.

I have no idea what this guy weighs, and height is obviously a factor when it comes to bodyweight., but I’d assume he’s under 200 lbs if he’s a pretty normal height. Hard to say for sure.

Ok, so to answer your question. The thing that takes the most time, when striving for a physique like this, is building the underlying muscle. And if you’re an average dude, it’ll take years. Dieting down to this leanness at an ‘average’ bodyfat can usually be done in less than a year. And I’m willing to say that most people will need steroids to get there. There are likely outliers, but I mean… this is impressive. And when you factor in getting this lean while holding onto this weight, it probably indicates drug assistance as well. Now, that being said, getting to about 90% of this is a whole different ball game, and that should probably be more what you’re looking at. That’s far more achievable for most people. Basically I’m saying that building the muscle is quite do-able with the proper time and dedication, years of lifting consistently. And then dieting down to, say, 8-9 percent bodyfat. You could dip down to 5ish, which is what I suspect he is here, from time to time, and that is what we call ‘contest conditioning’. It’s just not sustainable for prolonged periods of time.

I know this post was rather scatter brained. but i think i answered your question… Basically it involves an extraordinarily serious commitment, and it probably means you work in the industry if you can dedicate that time and effort.


Do construction work and play basketball, no?


If I remember rightly, you also have to be black

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Because pretty much every picture you see of the guy are snaps from a professional photo shoot where he intentionally peaked, tanned, manipulated water/carbs/sodium, and pumped up immediately before the pic was snapped.

This is a quick snapshot from one of his training vids last year:

Not the best idea at all, but it’s more likely a better reference to his regular walk-around condition. No tan, no flattering angles or flexing, but he is mid-workout, so it’s still not “standard” shape and there’s very likely some pumped up muscles.

^ That condition is totally achievable for day-to-day maintenance, without a doubt. There are guys on this site that have done or are doing it. Drugs can help, but it still takes that whole “build a base over a decade or three, train with a good program, and be hyper-vigilant about every calorie you take in.”

Since all you care about are the drugs, read this, where a Mr. Olympia-level bodybuilder outlines his AAS use.

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There. Now you know.

Feel better?


man, that’s such a great, aesthetic ‘walk-around’ physique. His proportions are great. I’m pretty jealous of the biceps in particular.