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How Does My Workout Look?


hey guys - this is my first post on T-Nation. i've read around different forums and this is the one that i trust the most, so i chose to get all of your opinions. i'm trying to put on mass and this is the workout i've come up with. i really want your honest opinions and any suggestions you could give me -

Monday - CHEST and BACK

Bench 3x8
Incline Bench 3x8

Pullups 5x5 (probably have to use the assist machine)
Bent-Over Row 4x8
One Arm DB Row supersetted w/ Iso-Lateral Machine 3x8

my back is a lot less developed than my chest so i'm trying to 'even out'

Tuesday - QUADS and CALVES

Squat 5x5
Step-Ups or Lunges 4x8
Leg Extensions 4x8

sitting calf raise 4x8
standing calf raise 4x8


Cable Tri Pushdown supersetted w/ Standing EZ-Bar Curls
5x15,12,10,10, drop weight and do a double drop set of 8 reps

Close Grip Bench 3x10,10,8, drop weight and do double drop set of 8 - supersetted w/ - Preacher Curl 3x12,12,10 drop weight and do a double drop set of 8

Assisted Dips 3x12 supersetted with/ Seated DB Curls 3x10

Thursday - OFF


Straight Leg Deadlifts 5x5
Glute Ham Raise 4x8
Leg Curl 4x8

Shoulder Press 5x5
Upright Row 4x8
Cable Rear Lateral Raise 4x8

i've never really had a real arm work out so if you have one you think is better than the one i found feel free to post

i would also like to hear thoughts on experimenting with diff types of rep schemes, but i don't know much about them - i've only really done straight sets

i have a protein shake before and after my workout, and i'm doing 5g of Biotest creatine on workout days (not loading after what i've read on here)

ideally i'm 5'11, 160 lbs - but i think i've put on around 10 lbs of fat over summer bc of working 50 hours a week and not having time to eat right. i've been working out off and on (no more than 2 month breaks), and i'm pretty sure i'm a hardgainer

i'm open to any suggestions, seriously!


so its ok? or is this an annoying post?


Welcome to T-Nation! I would advise you to check out the following threads before you post again, as it will answer 99% of the questions you have:


Good luck, and go big!



It's only an annoying post if you haven't put any effort into it and then come around looking for someone to design something for you; which I can say is not you. Looks like you've put some effort into this to say the least.

As far as the work out goes it's hard to say exactly because I don't have any idea of your experience or preceived goals but here are a few notes.

1) I would switch some of your rotations up. Chest & Back on the same day doesn't work well with me since they are both major muscle groups. You really want to focus on these separately with a smaller muscle group to accompany it. Also, splitting up your leg day is a little new to me so I would suggest something different.

With what you've got, I would set it up like this:

Monday: Chest & Shoulders*
Tuesday: Quads, Glutes & Hamstrings
Wednesday: Bi's & Tri's
Thursday: Off
Friday: Back & Calves

Sat & Sun: Off

*I normally would go with chest & tri's and back & bi's but it's also good to go with a Bi' & Tri's day too so I'll keep that the same. Just switch things up after a while.

2 I would suggest maybe a few different exercises or alterations. I'm guessing that you went heavy on chest when you first started hence your imbalance with your back. How about trying making your chest day look like this:

Monday: (Chest & Shoulders)

Use less weight and focus on benching with dumbbells. Also put your feet up on the bench rather then having them wide on the floor. You'll build up better stability and help strengthen your core at the same time. (since you don't have an abdominal workout). Then throw in your shoulder exercises on this day.

Tuesday: (Quads, Hams, & Glutes)

Deadlifts 5x5 * Go with regular.
Back Squat 5x5
Step-Ups or Lunges 4x8
Leg Curl 4x8

*Do yourself a favour and hop on an upright bike w/ high intensity for about 5 min after your workout to clear lactic acid build up.

Wednesday: (BI's & Tri's)

Keep with whatever your comfortable with.

Thursday: (OFF)

Friday: (Back & Calves)

End the week strong. Your calve exercises are great so just add those in to your back day.

Wide Grip Pullups 5x5 (Assisted or not. Push yourself.)
Bent-Over Row 4x8
One Arm DB Row supersetted w/ Iso-Lateral Machine 3x8

sitting calf raise 4x8
standing calf raise 4x8

3 Eat well but like an animal. Really try to not eat out.

And that's basically the few alterations I would make not really knowing more about you and with not changing things up drastically for you. I think with this routine you'll be able to focus on your major muscles groups more effectively.



Buy Ian Kings book "How to write strength training programs"


Your workout seems decent but i think if your trying to put on some mass it would be better to have one day with back and bi's and another with chest and tri's instead of what you have now. If you want an exercise to really work your back try t-bar rows and normal deadlifts.. those two will make your back much stronger.


[quote]sbbbjm wrote:
and i'm pretty sure i'm a hardgainer

What makes you think that?


i've been working out for about 5 years and worked my butt off with compound exercises i.e. squat, bench, deadlift, mil press etc and i see some gains, but once i go back to not stuffing myself with food and not doing less reps more weight, i go back to being skinny again.

this is the first time i've used creatine though, and i've been pretty pleased so far


Most real hardgainers seem to benefit from some form of abbreviated training, not really what you are doing.

Could you give some numbers as far as what strength gains you've made over time and how much you eat, say yesterday everything you can remember?