How Does My Thyroid Look?

I’ve posted in a few other threads about my TRT but haven’t started a thread yet. I was low on free t and high on SHBG. Free t was close to zero shbg was 81 at one point. At a doctor’s recommendation i stopped keto, started eating more carbs. He prescribed me160 mg of test-c per week, IM injection, 50 mg of hcg and dhea in pill form. I was experiencing brain fog, tiredness and super sore and achey all the time. I started taking test June 2020 so ive been on it for a year. With keto and no free t i felt like i was getting weaker. Went down to 170 pounds at 6’2” with 12% bf. I’m now around 202-204 at 18% bf. i eat around 3000 calories a day and about 200-250 grams of carbs. I feel so much better. Brain fog is gone, soreness is gone but still tired. Btw - I’m not on anything other than what the doc prescribed. I’ve not experimented with anything else. I never took accutane or finestriside (sp). I also sleep 7-8 hours per day everyday. Im on a consistent sleep schedule. Sometimes i wake up once a night to pee. Im 47 and lift moderately every day.

With still being tired I got thinking - how do my thyroid levels look? Unfortunately it’s from a few different labs and docs as i was searching for help. I figured i would post a few and see what you guys think. Let me know if i missed anything important that you may need.

Tsh. 1.67
T4 free. 1.3
T3 free. 3.4
Vit-d. 98.5

Oct 2020:
T3. 0.7
T4. 6.5
T3 free 3.2
T4 free. 1.3
Tsh 2.5
Rev t3. 15
Shbg. 60
Dhea. 425
Tot test. 899
Free t. 13.5
Vit-d. 96.3

June 2021:
Vit-d. 77.8
T3. 0.8
T4. 4.7
T3 free. 3.2
T4 free. 1.2
Tsh. 2.64
Rev t3. 8
Shbg. 31
Dhea. 497
Tot test. 929
Free t. 22

My body feels good but i feel tired a lot. I need caffeine a few times a day to keep going. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

There can be a big difference between peak and trough on weekly injections and some respond poorly to weekly injections. You need to pin more than once per week, I would pin twice weekly and retest in 6-8 weeks.

Your thyroid looks fine.

Thanks. I’m injecting EOD. The doc originally had me E4D and i felt awesome for days 1&2 but crummy days 3&4. The EOD is much more balanced. I can’t figure out why i feel so tired though. This is why I figured I would ask about thyroid.

I was always tired the first couple of years on TRT, found out it was as simple as suppressed ferritin. Some on TRT is going to have higher iron requirements than someone not on TRT.