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How Does My Texas Method Setup Look?

Upper Volume - Bench 5x5 @70% of 1rm
OHP - 3x8
Weighted dips - 3x8
Weighted pull ups 3x5

Lower volume - squat 5x5 @70% of 1rm
RDLS - 3x8
Rows - 5x5

Upper intensity - bench 5x1
OHP 3x3
CGBP - 3x5

Lower intensity - squat 5x1
Deadlift 5x1

How does this setup look? I got the ideas from Mark Rippetoe’s PPST3 and Justin Lascek’s Books on the Texas method. I plan to start with as little assistance as possible and phase it in gradually but what I have outlined above is what I would like to end up with. I am training for powerlifting so would like to prioritise the bench over the ohp however I’d still like to utilise the ohp as the main assistance for the bench.

I was hoping I could get some clarity if the way I have programmed the ohp would work with 3x3 on upper intensity day and 3x8 on upper volume? increasing intensity by 2.5 lbs or less per week or every few weeks?

Also I plan to cycle the rep schemes on intensity days between 5rm, 3rm, singles, doubles etc.