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How Does My Squat Form Look?

Squat form fucked up. Any tips or changes in can make?

For a start, maybe you can change your shoes. They look rather squishy and it seems (to me) to be compromising your stability… Flat sole shoes such as Chuck Taylors would work. Hell, you can even go barefoot if your gym allows it.

don’t take this advice.

There is no reason in the world why a beginner needs to invest in specialized olympic shoes for the sole (pun) purpose of squatting. Oly shoes are OVERRATED by the masses. And don’t get me wrong, I use mine all the time. But I went for YEARS without them, and only got them because I started competing at an elite level. You don’t need oly shoes to learn to squat 200 lbs, lol.

What you do need is to learn to brace your core for stability. That’s the biggest problem I see here. Before you begin your descent, you need to take a huge belly breath, flex/tighten your whole body. Create tension throughout your upper back, abs, torso. Then squat. Hold your breath through the duration of the rep.

I would also recommend taking less time just standing there with the bar on your back and fidgeting around. You spent a full 10 seconds just standing there before you initiated the squat once your feet were in position, accomplishing nothing. Also don’t take all those baby steps out to get your stance ‘just right’. Take 3 solid steps, brace, and squat. practice the unrack and steps to get used to this, it can be mentally challenging at first but it will be a huge energy saver as the weights get heavier and harder to hold.


I assume you posted in the powerlifting section because you are interested in moving the most weight in a way that would get you white lights in most feds.

In that case, bracing and stuffing around aside, the form issue I would address is squat depth. You are waaaay to deep (assuming this isn’t an accessory lift)

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I thought about addressing that as well, but my gut tells me he’s not training for a meet. I could be wrong.

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Personally I’d squat barefoot. Basketball shoes are utter garbage for squatting. Also how tall are you? hard to tell from the angle but It looks like you’re extending your lower back a bit too much. i also didnt really see you take a belly breath in. I think you should breath deep into your gut to make your squat more explosive.

Not only that, but some people squat better in flat soled shoes. Chucks or something similar should be fine. One of the main advantages of heeled shoes is that it is easier to hit depth, but you obviously have no problem with that. Nike Airs are good for basketball, but not so much for lifting weights.

This is the biggest issue here. It looks like you (@predskin56) are trying to forcibly extend your spine. Slight extension is OK, but pushing it too far can result in injury and is not a good technique regardless.

I am 6 ft

try a wider stance. idk how far apart your feet were but you can lower the ROM if you widen your stance.

Whats lower back extention? That the lean

Forward lean = hip flexion and upper body closer to parallel with the floor. Lower back extension is arching your back too much.

First. You are not even close to being tight before you descend. Pay close attention to your setup. Ditch the low bar ATG crap. You trying to lift heavy, not satisfy the instagram atg nazis.

  1. Brace
  2. Tighten the upper back by pulling the shoulder blades together and down.
  3. Slight arch in the back with the chest forward
  4. Head back - not up
  5. Just before dropping SQUEEZE the glutes

Second: Buy Chuck Taylors

Third open the taint, sit back and down like taking a dump on a low toilet

Finally push against the bar not the floor.

I am not an elite powerlifter or anything and there’s a lot of good advice on here already. However, one thing I could add is taking your time. Set up the exact same way every single time put the bar on your back and confidently and controlled take it out of the rack with power, if that makes any sense? Thinking in this way might only work for me. But that might help in stability and a pair of chucks wouldn’t be a bad investment if your squatting in tennis shoes. Same setup with the bar, any rpe, any percentage, the only thing I that will look different is bar speed depending on what your working with. Do I do this right every single time, probably not, but I do make the effort. You just seemed super rushed to get the bar out of that rack, but after that don’t fidget and panzy around either. Good luck sir!