How Does My Routine Look?

Critique this please
Full body 3x a week on alternates

Day A:

Deadlift 3x5
Incline Bench 3x8
Military Press 3x8
Single Arm DB Row 3x8
Superset: Barbell curl, Tricep Ext 3x9

Day B:

SLDL 3x5
Dumbell Bench Press 3x8
Bent-over barbell row 3x8
Shrugs 3x20
DB Shoulder Press 3x8
Superset: hammer curls, skullcrushers 3x9

Goal: Mass

It looks pretty good but make sure that your intensity is up and that every week you increase weight…i wouldnt do full body workout more than about 6-8 weeks max.

How come? I’m thinking about doing 8 week cycles, taking 1-2 weeks off then hitting it again. is that okay?

How come you say full body can’t be done for longer than 6 weeks?

That looks VERY similar to the program I am following right now, check out this link It’ll help change up what you’re doing, so you don’t get stuck doing the same workout too long. Stick with the total body every second day, Total body training is far better, and builds a well balanced frame.

[quote]FourSixForty wrote:
Total body training is far better.[/quote]

Totally situational, this is kind of a blanket statement.