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How Does My Program Look?

Hey! To start off with, I am 16 years old and have been training for a little under 1,5 years. My stats are:

(keep in mind these are all in the gym although I tried to simulate the conditions of a meet. I plan on competing in the future but want to increase my total before that)

Age: 16
Bw when I started training: 52kg / 114lbs
Bw: 75 kg / 165lbs)
Length:182cm / 5’'10

Squat: 100kg / 220lbs (low-bar, flat shoes and with belt)
Bench: 67,5kg / 149lbs (with pause and commands)
Deadlift: 140kg / 308lbs (conventional, with belt, no straps)

I have written my own program. just to clarify with the 5-10 method I mean where you start off with a weight that is hard to do 5 reps with and the next workout you try to add 1 rep until you can do 10 reps. When you can do 10 reps you increase the weight with about 10% and start at 5 reps again. This means I am only doing one working set of each exercise and try to use as many compound movements as possible(except for calves, biceps etc.). The reason I prefer this is because I have a very fast metabolism and I am trying to gain weight, I am already eating around 5000 calories a day and I don’t want to break down more muscle than I build. I realice that i am contradicting that with training 6 days a week but I cant stay out of the gym, I love powerlifting. I-d rather keep the sessions shorter and lower volume and train 6 days a week than higher volume and less days a week.

I am not very experienced so I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or feedback you guys could give me. Thank you for taking the time :slight_smile:

My program:

Day 1: Deadlift
Deadlift…80-90% increase reps
Pendlay Rows …5-10 method
Chin ups…5-10 method
Shrugs…5-10 method
Ab wheel

Day 2: Bench
Bench press…80-90% increase reps
Incline DB press…5-10 method
DB shoulder press…5-10 method
Dips…5-10 method
Banded pull aparts
Shoulder rotation(in, out, up, down)
Ab wheel

Day 3: Squat
Low bar squats…80-90% increase reps
Stiff legged deadlifts…5-10 method
Leg press…5-10 method
Leg press calf raise…10-15 x3
Ab wheel

Day 4: Deadlift
Sumo deadlift…80-90% increase reps
Pendley Rows …5-10 method
Chin ups …5-10 method
Shrugs…5-10 method
Ab wheel

Day 5: Bench
Close grip bench press…80-90% increase reps
Incline DB press…5-10 method
DB shoulder press…5-10 method
Dips …5-10 method
Banded pull aparts
Shoulder rotation(in, out, up, down)
Ab wheel

Day 6: Squat
High bar squat … 80-90% increase reps
Stiff legged deadlifts…5-10 method
Leg press(for quads)…5-10 method
Leg press calf raise …10-15 x3
Ab wheel

Day 7: Rest

Not gonna look at your program because honestly I ain’t qualified enough for that but is there really a need for you to write your own program?

Run a reputable program (531, WS4SB, etc) and stick to it. You are full of enthusiasm and gist, I get it but would you rather have fun or do you want to get strong?

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Maybe I didn’t phrase it right. That was kind of what I was wondering, Is the program I made good or would I get better results with a different program? In that case what program would you recommend?

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Proven programs are a good place to start. They can help you develop what works for you and what doesn’t. Eventually, you’ll be able to use what works and get rid of what doesn’t to create your own training method or program.

so you squat 2/6 and do deadlifts 4/6 days at 80-90% how does that even work?

In my opinion, that means you are not doing something right. I wanted to write my programs all the time but if you are not a bodybuilder, then there is no logic in doing that. We don’t have the knowledge to build a good program. There is so much shit that goes into it. I mean a really nice program with proper cycles and periodization and so on.

There are compound movements, but no isolation exercises. I get the part where you want to do only compound movements, but that way you keep your weak links weak.

Get a program that is proven to work or one you can believe in.

This is called double progression and it is quite effective. Have a look for some programs using it to get a feel of it because honestly - too much has been programmed here.

It’s a part time job keeping track of everything. How you are progressing on the 4th movement of the day, which may be an isolation exercise, does indicate progress but it isn’t a great indicator.

personally wouldnt run it or advise it.