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How Does My PCT Look? (First Cycle)


i will be running 10weeks 500mg/w test e

i am abit confused if i need AL like armadix as a friend/source says its not needed and nolvadex does the same thing. and take nolva during cycle only when gyno symptoms turn up.

also for PCT he reccomends HCG only if i want.

i had this planned for PCT:

2 weeks from last shot: Nolva at 80mg first day, 40mg/d for the first week after, and 20mg/d for the last few weeks.

1) do i need armadix/letro ? can nolva be a substitute ?

2) how can i take HCG as PCT (dosages etc)


You should read the stickies about PCT first.

1) HCG is not used during PCT

2) 2 weeks after last Test E injection a simple 40/40/20/20 or even 40/20/20/20 will do. I prefer the 40/20/20/10/5, but that's just me.

3) An AI like Letro or Arimidex will prevent the testosteron from being converted into estrogen. Nolvadex will not prevent this, but it will only block the estrogen receptors so the estrogen can't bind to it (mostly chest area).


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thanks for clearing some things up. i got confused by my source, he seems to know his shti as he is pharmacy student and a bodybuilder.

is HCG needed ? i see alot of cycles here that dont use it

what do you guys think about using AL only when gyno symptoms appear ?


thanks for advice.

how about HCG ? whats your opinion on it


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evaporating ? lol i know nuts will shrink but i dont think it will be that bad that it will disappear unless you are being sarcastic.

1 more thing.. what is this 40/40/20/20 ? is it 4 weeks @ them dosages each day of each week ?

^ does this look good as a PCT ?

Edit: 1 last thing lol. i have a small/tiny hard lump right behind my right nipple, it gets sore if i press down on it hard.. i had it there since puberty and i never thought any thing of it till i been reading up on gyno recently.

you think this is gyno ? will i be more prone to its development into titties ? what do you think ?


No your nuts will not literally evaporate, but they sure can get small.



Yes,I would think so from what you have explained.

Not if you control estrogen through an AI, but yes, it seems that pre existing gyno can be exacerbated with elevated levels of estrogen.