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How Does My New Plan Look?

Squats 20 x 2
Row 3 x 12
Chins 3 x max
Press 3 x 12
Deads 3 x 10
Bench 3 x 12
Power cleans 2 x 5

How does this program look for hypertrophy? i want it too be functional. Im taking in 3000cal per day 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carb’s.

Looking to gain muscle mass and decrease body fat %.

Also how much rest between set’s and when should i do my HIIT?

Please give me any suggestion’s and critiscims.

Can I ask the reason for the light day?

…because you might be better off mixing heavy/light work into the same workout, one day heavy squats, light deads, next workout heavy deads, light squats. I was just wondering the rationale behind your program design.

Iv’e put lighter work in there as i want to acheive stength and bulk. Plus i wan’t to give the joint’s and CNS a little rest, when i previously trained 3 day’s p/w with 5 rep set’s i got a few injuries, thought hte lighter day may be a little less taxing.

Iv’e done it as a light day, as i thought it would be best too keep each session specific.

Correct me if im wrong, any help appreciated.

Cheers macca.

Original post updated, please read over and give me some advice/critiscism.