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How Does My Leg Day Stack Up?


just wondering what you guys think of my workout I did today for legs. mY current split is:
Day 1: Chest and arms
Day 2: legs
Day 3: Back and shoulders

For legs I did:
Squats from pins: 2x4

Squatted down and let the weight rest on the pins and then lifted it. Took the idea from the article Box squats for bodybuilders.
main work out:
Squats 5x5
Bulgarian split squats 3x8,10,10
GHR 3x12, 10, 8
Calf raises 3x20,20,20
Goals are to gain muscle and strength.


Its a good start, but you need more sets and more volume.




Need more hammie work. How about an RDL or Good Morning, hell even a cable pull-through unless you're pulling the whole stack.

Volume looks fine

How about this:

Pin Squats


Bulg Split Squat


yeah i don't really see lack of volume with the OP's workout


haha i thought so too.


I think the RDL's should be right after squats. GHR's really tire out my lower back. SHould I also do 5x5 with the deadlifts?


I personally do my floor deadlifts after squats. I love 5x5 but for deadlifts i usually pyramid up starting at a weight that i can get for 10 reps and keep jumping weight and decreasing reps until i get to my 1 rep max. It really depends what your comfortable with. I would suggest trying 5x5 for at least a month and see how your body responds. No two people are the same so only your body can tell you whats best for you


add in snatch grip deads, 12/10/8