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How Does My Kettlebell Swing Look?


Do you guys mind giving your thoughts about that? I believe I have been swinging a little to much with my Legs and Im trying to actually have less knee motion but focusing only on the Hipmovement.

Here is the Video:

Apricieate any comment guys.

I’m not a KB swing specialist but one thing I notice is you don’t pull the kettlebell back down, you just let gravity do it for you. “Attack the zippers” like Dan John would say. This video should help you technique wise :

I believe less knee motion comes more naturally with 1 handed variations, so you could try 1 handed swings. Also, if you keep with the 2 handed swings you will probably have to put your legs wider apart to allow more trunk movement.

Less knee bend, like a deadlift. And what Kraky said.

Thank you guys. So there should be close to zero kneeband right? Like he eyplains here