How Does My Diet Stack Up?

Hello my name is Antonio and im a long time T-Nation reader, i love this place.
Well i need some help from you guys, i will post my basics,

24 years old
1.70 m (5’ 7’')
67 kg (148 lbs)

currently following Dr. Berardi’s precion nutrition guidelines, i have to say im a bit insulin resistant (former fat boy) so i only consume low gi carbohydrates, cycling my carbohydrates from on days to off days,

have been doing strenght training since highschool but only by seasons, 4 months weight lifting, 6 off etc… cant say i have accomplished my goals
currently doing stronglifts 5x5 for strenght and size to get a foundation and until i can squat 1.5 x my body weight

my goals are strenght and of course putting some muscle (getting to 70kg maybe?)

my diet goes like this:

2,550 - 2,650 CAL
Carbs= about 200g
Fat= about 90 g (30% of my diet)
Protein = about 200g

2,000 - 2,100 CAL
Carbs= about 100g - 120g
Fat= about 80 g (30% of my diet)
Protein = about 200g

the help i need is the following:

  1. critique my diet?
  2. i dont do cardio because i ride my bike to college everyday, thats about 40 - 50 minutes a day of light to moderate (depends on the hurry) cycling, should i need more energy systems? and what ES?
  3. anything else you would like to comment,

thanks a bunch,