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How Does My Diet Plan Look?

I’m trying to lose weight about 30-40lbs and I just created a diet plan and I want anyone who is educated in meal plans to give me advice or tweak what I already have so I can reach my goal.
Im 26 years old 6’3" and weigh 260lbs right now. I work a desk job 5 days a week from 6am-4pm I lift during the week at 4:30pm. Here is my meal plan from when I wake up in the morning.

MEAL 1–5am F C P
1 scoop ON Whey protein 1 3 24

MEAL 2–7am
1 cheddar rice cake .5 8 1
2 hard boiled eggs 10 0 12

MEAL 3–11am
6oz chicken breast 7 0 48
single serving guacamole 9 5 1
1 cup spinach 0 1 1

MEAL 4–2pm
6oz chicken breast 7 0 48
1/2 cup rice 0 24 2
1 cup spinach 0 1 1

MEAL 5–330pm preworkout meal
1 piece wheat toast 0 9 2
1tblsp PB 16 8 7
1 banana 0 27 1

MEAL 6–Post workout
2 scoop ON whey protein 2 6 48

3oz tuna can 1 0 20
2oz hummus 11 9 4
2 slices wheat bread 0 18 4
1/2 cup spinach 0 .5 .5

2 scoop ON casein protein 2 6 48
1 greek yogurt 0 9 12

66.5grams of FAT
133.5grams of CARBS
283.5grams of PROTEIN

Just looking for anyone to provide information on what my meal plan looks like. If I should eat certain carbs at different times or what types of carbs should I be consuming pre workout and post. I do about an hour of weight training 5 days a week with 3-4 session of HIIT cardio lasting about 20min each as well as an additional 30min mi session of Steady state cardio. I’m trying to lose weight quickly but maintain as much muscle as possible. I know I’m going to lose a substantial amount of muscle because it such an aggressive cut of my calories, but any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Looking very clean mate, at that starting weight and those calories you should see decent results, quick, in regards to training keep it an intense 45mins to an hour, plenty of drop sets and super sets, that will help burn quite a few extra calories, stick to fish and chicken, water with your protein shakes, maybe do 4 egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs, hope it goes well mate.

Carbs are on the lower side, if you decrease carbs your Metabolism will fall down as well, Add 10 grams of carbs to your first meal of the day and also to your pre and post workout meals and see how your body responds, if you put on weight then adjust accordingly, if you don’t add any weight then you can add 5 more grams for those three meals, that will increase your metabolism, also I would split the protein content evenly between all the 8 meals. 280/8 = 35 grams enough to stimulate protein synthesis for most protein sources.

You should build up more sample meals and rotate those around each week. Also you fiber intake seems quite low compared to your protein intake. You will be most likely excrementing bricks in week or two, and since the way nutrients absorb it will affect your metabolism negatively. Not sure of your body-type or your metabolism and not sure how carb in/tolerant you are. But to me it seems that you are very high on the protein intake, rather too low on carbs. Then again low carb high protein might work for you. But I´d add more starchy carbs and more fiberous carbs.

Also concider calculating your protein intake based on your assumed lean-mass. Very simple formula: Bodyweight in pounds: subtract protein intake by the target fat-loss target, then add 15-20g protein.

I am natural lifter, 6feet, and weight around 250lbs. And I don´t have any problem gaining muscle mass with just 200g of protein, not even when dieting. Just when dieting I add 15g of protein to provide more building blocks.

I don’t quite understand your logic regarding the sacrifice of lean mass but you may have your own personal reasons for dramatic weight loss.

Regardless, I think you have your PRO and CHO macros the wrong way round. That level of activity requires far more fuel and less protein. Something like 150 PRO and 250 CHO is more viable. I would have a bit more red meat and/or fatty fish in there because I think bland chicken and tuna is almost nutritionally bankrupt. Needless to say, I also strongly disagree with the poster who advised dumping your egg yolks. Don’t!

Finally, I couldn’t handle the meal frequency. I know the great John Berardi still goes for this approach, and who am I to question him. If this style of eating suits you more then go for it. I prefer larger less frequent feedings which, I believe, also helps with insulin management in someone prone to fat gain.

Good luck, mate.