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How Does My Diet Look?


I'm 5'11, currently 185 lbs. I'm up about 10 lbs in the past few months because I've been doing this slowly. Just wanted to get some input on what I've been doing and what I might consider changing.

Today, a non-lifting day:
Breakfast: 2 C Oats, 3 C skim milk, 2 scoops whey

Snack: 1 Banana, 0.35 C raisins, 2 oz beef jerky

Lunch: 6oz Turkey sammich, 2 C green beans, 1 can garbanzo beans, 2 C milk

Snack: 3oz almonds, 1 apple

Dinner: 2 Turkey burgers, cheese, 2 C milk, 2 C green beans

Snack: 0.5 C cottage cheese, 4 TB peanut butter

Pre-bed: 0.5 C cottage cheese, 1.5 oz walnuts

Totals: 4300 cals, 447 carb, 309 protein, 157 fat (20,45,55 sat/mono/poly)

On lifting days, the cals are about the same, just different foods including PWO and some rice, with a higher amount of carbs and probably a lower amount of fat.

So, what could I do to improve?


To my untrained eye, that does not look like over 300g protein.


Are you using natural PB? or regular? Be sure to go with the natural kind for health reasons.

Other than that, are you happy with the progress you're making? That's the most important question.


It's got to be close. Here are the totals.

Milk: 68
Whey: 48
Cottage cheese: 26
Bread: 8
PB: 16
Turkey: 24
Garbanzos: 21
Almonds: 18
turkey burger: 38
Oats: 26
Beef jerky: 9

It's not all complete protein, though.


26g from 2 c of oats?


actually, it's even more than that. a lot more.

steel cut oats: 1/3 cup, 8g protein