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How Does My Diet Look?


In my last topics, I covered the way I’m training and I will be training. Now I want to get some advice as far as my nutrition.

Here’s the thing: in the past 2 months, I haven’t gained or lost practically any weight. I look a little leaner and maybe slightly bigger (you can check out the pics in my training log) but not much has changed.

Unfortunately summer is coming and, while I don’t want to cut because I’m not carrying a whole lot of muscle yet so it wouldn’t make much sense, I would still like to lose some fat at least for the summer.

The traditional bulk and cut hasn’t done good for me so I need to try other approaches.

Below I will post what a training day looks like nutrition wise.

What I would want to get as far as advice:

  1. Feedback on my current diet
  2. What should I do now considering I want to get a little more defined?
  3. How should I go about putting on more muscle, especially when the summer is over? I want to stay relatively lean all year, but my goal number one is building muscle and getting bigger.
  4. How should I go about peri workout nutrition? I read many different articles about this but, what’s recommended at my level?
  5. Would you recommend any other supplements than the ones I’m taking? (whey, creatine)

So as a sample here’s what I ate today:


Oatmeal 40 g
1 piece of light mozzarella (125 g)

Usually I will have an omelette as a protein source but this morning I was feeling lazy and I picked the mozzarella because it was quicker. Also sometimes will have quinoa in place of or together with the Oatmeal.

Mid morning snack

Ham sandwich

I usually bring a protein shake at school but today I was feeling like having that.

Tuna filet 140 g
Mixture of carrots, lentils, peas, and farro 240 g

It’s usually either this, of maybe chicken / turkey breast with veggies. I might have a carb source like potatoes or cous cous.

##Mid noon snack
Low fat cottage cheese 150 g

This is a staple for me, love it.

##Pre workout meal (about 1 hr before)
Lean beef steak 180 g
Zucchini 150 g
Quinoa 60 g
Creatine 4 g

I might have Oatmeal as a carb source, or even rice. I enjoy having babies’ rice flour from time to time. I often have chicken or Tuna instead of steak. I might have beans, spinach, or broccoli instead of Zucchini.

##10 minutes before workout
20 g dextrose

I take this to spike insulin during the workout and help the muscles absorb the amino acids I will take during the wo

##During workout
About 10 g dextrose
One scoop (about 30 g) whey protein

##Right after the wo
Pre packaged drink with 11 g of carbs and 20 g of protein

I might skip this from time to time. For a period of time I was doing as Chad waterbury advises to do in this book muscle revolution. I was having a posto wo shake, and then one hour later a carb and protein only meal, consisting of milk with whey and chocolate chips in it.

1 hr after workout

Bresaola sandwich with parmesan cheese flakes and salad

Today I had this because I didn’t come home til midnight (i workout at 8 pm) so I had to eat out. Usually my post wo meal consists of a lean protein source like chicken, Tuna, lean steak and carbs like rice, quinoa, or cous cous with veggies.

So today i ate 2,441 kcal, 263 g pro 221 g carb 52 g fat

Let me know anything related to my diet and the questions I asked. Thank you all

Tbh your diet looks pretty damn good to me,
(although I’m not sure how much you weigh) maybe, just maybe you could chuck in an extra 30-40g of good fats (maybe olive oil).

If you haven’t gained or lost weight but are looking better than I’d say you are well on the right track. Are your lifts increasing?

Diet looks great. As for me, I’ve been using the 21 Day Fix for a year now. It really works. :slight_smile: