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How Does My Diet Look?


This diet is fat loss directed, and keeps me in a decent deficit, anything you would change??

Breakfast: 2 whole brown omega-3 enriched large eggs, one egg white, diced tomatoes, skim cheese and hot sauce all scrambled together, OR if I am in a rush a vanilla protein shake with banana, and about a half cup of blueberries and blackberries added.

Lunch: flax wrap loaded with spianch, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, a half can of tuna, and about 1/4 cup of crab meat(imitation), or a wrap with lettuce, peanut butter, apple chunks, banana chunks, cinnamon and a wee bit of splenda.

Snack: protein shake, with a banana or berries blended in if I am feeling hungry, but typically not

Dinner: Chicken breast usually(I got a freexer full of the crap!) steak about once a week if I am home with a salad on the side, if I am at work it is a duplicate of Lunch, except with chicken or turkey breast instead of tuna/crab, and a wee bit of mustard

if I am going to be up for a very extended period of time(which I am on occasion) I'll have another protein shake here

Before bed: Cottage cheese

supplement wise I take HOT-ROX and Se7en, Flameout with every meal, 2 servings of Superfood, a daily dose of creatine, Surge Recovery on lifting days, and ZMA about an hour before bed.

Tastewise I am loving the shit out of everything, and have gotten good results so far, so I am not worried about that, but if anyone sees any disgusting gaps, or anything let me know, because I still am a newbie to nutrition, and any advice would be great :).


Also I am about 5'8, 160lbs, and this is (roughly) 1550 calories a day, which I realize is quite low, but I am still getting results, and feeling just fine.


Why are you trying to lose weight at that height and weight? Are you going for the anorexic look? I take it by your name that you're not female so one has to wonder.


Your calories are low - but you are absolutely tiny, so no real worries there.

It is a bit of a pointless post really with no other information.. are you wanting to get smaller still (good God, why??) or 'cut' up (in which case the diet is likely not going to be as effective as it could be).

What is your body-fat? What are the macro-nutrient totals and ratios? What is your day like - do you work? Train? If so what, how and how much?

I would suggest with the very limited info you provided, that if you are losing weight - with those calories - you MAY be going catabolic. The only thing that offsets this is your energy expenditure and your LBM.

Also it is hard to determine if you are eating low carb or low fat.. at your bodyweight i would have expected to see more carb restriction (if you are trying to get into singles, then lower carbs is the best way to go IMO) but you seem to have a fairly equal amount of carbs and fats (at a glance) - i would choose one - and as i mentioned if ultra low body-fat is the goal, then i would eat high protein, mod fat... dropping carbs for the most part.

I am also struggling to see the point of the post - is it just that you think you have a good diet and wanted to post it? I realise you asked if -

but you also said you enjoy eating it, you don't get hungry AND you are seeing results... So why ask to change that?

See what i mean?


I guess you are a woman, else why do you take Se7en?


His/her user name is "Matthew" plus he or she said "Taste wise I am loving the shit out of everything....I still am a newbie to nutrition". Females do not talk like that or have a boyish name for a user name. However, I could be wrong?

To the OP you won't know what to change out of your diet or what to put in due without really extending this diet over a long period of time 1-2 months.

My suggestion is to drop the flax anything and replace it with fish oils.
Fish oil information:
Fat loss has been recorded with the use of fish oils. T-Nation sells their own called Flameout sold here: https://www.tmuscle.com/productInfo.do?id=910074

Flax is considered a phytoestrogen which it mimics estrogen which is a hormone the male body doesn't necessarily need.


OP is a man.


Guys can use Se7en as well, but it's just more effective in Women.



Well the point is, I am new to nutrition, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything glaring. Yeah, ultra-low bodyfat is where I am trying to get to, I'll hit the carbs a little less. I weight train 3 times a week, and so far have not seen any catabolic results. At work I am basically speed walking for 5 hours and driving for 5 total. Your post was very helpful for me, I apologize for my lack of detail, but your reply was the kind of thing I was looking for.