How Does My Cholesterol Look?

Sup guys… I wanna ask you what do you think of my cholesterol blood work? From what I’ve read it’s okay, but would like you more knowledgeable guys to look in to it. As always I appreciate your help greatly.
I’m perma cruising on 200mg testosterone e which puts me in 1100-1200ng/dl total testosterone and keep diet 80% healthy and I do some light activity like walking a lot, but I’m considering more intense cardio.


It’s in nmol/l but I converted it for you to mg/dl

Total 175
HDL 43
LDL 118
Tri 69

It’s ok…

Awesome man thanks.
I also wanna ask shall it improve further as it’s only been like a month since long deca ester cleared, I stopped it in early december last year and I also took low dose sdrol for 2 weeks and I stopped it at the same time? I hope I’m not bothering you, but your knowledge is great.