How Does Muscle Mass Affect Metabolic Rate? Relationship w/ Muscle Tension?

I’m trying to read and understand articles about residual muscle tension in physiology. If someone who want increase his muscle mass for lose fat, this will be increase his bmr too… But how? Is there any releationship with muscle tension? Because muscle tension always need energy right?
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muscle requires calories to maintain/use. The more muscle you have, the more calories you need to maintain/use it.


Yep, like Yogi said. More muscle = higher BMR.

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Is there any releationship with muscle tension?[/quote]
Not really. If you mean “muscle tension” as in, “muscles appearing tensed or partly flexed”, that’s sometimes called myogenic tone, which is discussed in this article. It’s not the same as simply having muscle.

Sort of, I guess. If you walked around intentionally flexing your muscles all the time, then yes, you’d be expending energy.

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