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How Does “Metcon” Effect Recovery

All, I’ve recently (last night) added a Metcon work out to my arsenal in an attempt to lose fat.
It’s a simple 5mins of 12 thrusters EMOM – 8kg each hand for now. I’m going to work up to 10-12kg each hand over the next month. And then more rounds.
I was wondering where to fit them in.

I work heavy (warm up and then 3x3) on 2 of the big 4 each strength work out (deadlift & bench are paired, as are squat & press). And I as planning to do the Metcon the day after these. Would this be too much, especially after squat press day?
Is there a better way to do this or should I stop worrying and just see how it goes?

BTW I chose Thrusters as I can do them at home – with dumb bells.

If fat loss is your goal then it doesn’t matter. You might see a decrease in performance on whatever follows that workout but it’s unimportant at the moment.

It’s all about priorities. If your main goal is to get stronger then I’d put them at the end of squat/press day to allow for maximum recovery.


Agree with J. At the end of a workout is probably best, and I doubt 5 minutes will have much effect on training on subsequent days.

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Do you not think no on the days “off”?

I want to try and work out 4 times a week.

Was thinking:

Again, it just depends on your top goal. I like training a little bit each day if I can (compared to a lot on a couple of days). Try it the way you listed in your original post and see how you feel. I don’t think the thruster movement will have much of an effect on your deadlifts but it might take away from your bench workout. But, again, that doesn’t matter if your #1 goal is fat loss.

If you want to perform your best AND throw in the Metcon stuff then I’d suggest finding movements that don’t directly affect your big four lifts. Burpees will smoke you but I don’t think they’ll hurt your bench (I could be wrong).

Just play around with it for a bit and see how it works out for you. On paper I think it will be fine but the best way to find out is to just do it.

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During this “metcon”, is your life miserable*?

No --> No worries
Yes --> Limit it to once/twice per week depending on other training

.* I don’t mean “I wanna stop” miserable, I mean “I passed I wanna stop 10 minutes ago and I’m just trying to avoid puking for the third time” miserable

God no. I love it.
Thanks for advice all. Gonna go with it on separate days. See how it pans out for a few weeks.

Go harder until you’re miserable lol

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