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How Does Losing Fat Work?


ive done some research and searched it and have an ok concept, but im just wondering.

when your losing fat %, no certain exercise can target any spot in which you want to lose fat there right? So where would it lose it and why?


For males, most seem to lose it over their limbs first and then their torso (mostly). I would assume this is for survival as most of important goods are located inside our torso.


Face slims out last too I think


so most males go in some sort of an order? when does the chest go more than any other time?

and btw, no certain exercise can speed up the loss of fat in a certain area right?


No, everyone loses weight off different places at different times it just seems that the last place your body hangs onto fat is the stomach area.
Secondly, you are right you cannot choose where you lose weight.


For females fat is stored mostly in the hips and thighs and for males it's mostly in the stomach area. As elusive stated this is for survival. The reason the torso seems to be the last place fat is lost is somewhat simple. Keeping fat stored in the torso makes it more accessible to be broken down for energy. Thats why the body tries to hold on to the fat around the mid section for emergency purposes( such as famine), and will quicker utilize the fat from your arms.


well put

the body will do whatever is best for survival


so eventually if you keep on working out with an excellent diet and exercising more than your eat in calories then you will lose of all that fat or excess energy


Right but it is important for you, if losing fat is your goal, to write down everything you eat for say 2 straight weeks. Calculate the total calories that your are eating everyday and try to keep it roughly in the same range. For example try eating 3,000 cals for 2 weeks, weigh yourself after the first week and second week (pictures are even better), try on some clothes that are tight on you(jeans, t-shirt). If the clothes fit better or the scale says you lost weight than you now know that to keep up fat loss you have to stay 3,000 cals or less. But remember, as you lose body fat, you MUST adjust your calories again to be even lower (e.g. cut down to 2,900 cals) because as you lose weight and eat less your metabolism will slow. You have to stay ahead of the curve.

Also certain things will aid your progress. Every meal contains protein (high protein diets naturally cause the body to burn more calories) and never mix fat and carbs. So Meat and Carbs or Meat and Fat. This method of eating works well. Also try to consume the majority of your carbs in the first half of the day and your post workout meal.

Fasted cardio in the morning before breakfast also works very well.

Good Luck and I hope this was somewhat helpful


I'm completely clueless about proper nutrition. What is the reason to avoid consuming fats and carbs at the same time?


If I remember correctly it helps the body choose an energy source. If you have both, one will be used for storage while the other is used for energy.

This is all caused by the insulin surge. The higher the glycemic value of carbs the higher the increase in insulin. Which is the storage hormone. So while sugar is traveling in your bloodstream to be used as energy, fat is being used for storage. If you don't have the carbs, the fat is used as energy and aids in T productions and other anabolic hormones.




oh that makes sense. Esp since carbs are broken down faster than fats. Bye bye pb&j . Thanks for a good explanation !