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How Does Le'Ron McClain Train?


McClain is the 260lb. bulldozing fullback of the baltimore ravens. He's got some big solid legs on him and is a powerhouse on the field. Anyone happen to know anything about how he trains? I know he's currently down to 245 trying to lose some weight to be a RB rather than FB but any insight anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks


gangsta name.


i heard he crossfits


he had to get that big or else be killed by Ray Lewis.

He doesnt know how he trains....he calls it "survival"


holymac hanging out with mcclain in bama


Is he as deezed in person as he is on camera?


wish i could tell ya man, that pic was from like 2-3 yrs ago when both mac and him were a lot smaller.

edit* he is chill as eff though, specially for some dude who'd just gotten signed


From playing ball I've met a handful of NBA [and even some NFL] cats, and with the exception of a few they were all pretty cool. I imagine getting paid retarded money to play a childs game could easily lead to a scumbag sense of entitlement. It's cool that he's chill.


If that's really you in that picture holymac that's awesome. He's replied to me a few times but never said anything about his weightlifting when i'd asked him. He just mentioned that he's currently doing alot of conditioning to lose weight for next season (if they have it). He seems like a real cool humble guy, but he's a monster on the field.


I think its just hoop too, maybe somethin about 5-on-5. and football, for the same reasons

Almost like the polar opposite of an individual sport like BB, actually

edit - I kid


i bet he does lots of heavy ass compound lifts


The heart of the matter is his parents. His genetics. End thread. If there were one best way to train, everyone would be doing it. :slight_smile:


Lots 'o shake weight I hear.


Holymac needs to stop trying to steal Neelydan's schtick by talking in the third person cause it makes him look like a homo


u r a homo


I know what your saying, but I was more interested in wether people knew the kind of numbers he's putting up in his exercises. Genetics or not though, i'm sure than man has spent alot of time under the bar and leg pressing as well as other leg exercises genetics help but your training means alot to.


Obviously it's cuz he's black and you're not, that gives him a distinct advantage in any sport but hockey. Get a race change, it's like steroids but more natural and healthier.

Seriously though, I'd bet a small fortune that his capabilities have little or nothing to do with any sort of unique training, which would make the original question not matter.


Don't you recognize the spraypaint face? Who else could it be?


I just thought HM had bad acne? That is spray paint?


Maybe, just maybe, he is good at lifting.