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How Does It Work - Soup Diet

I have just read about a diet called the soup diet that supposedly will allow you to lose 7 to 10 lbs in a week. It goes something like this.

Make vegitable soup and eat as follows:
Day 1 - all the soup and fruit that you want
Day 2 - all the soup and vegetables you want
Day 3 - Fruit, vegetables and soup
Day 4 - Bananas, soup and skim milk. up to 3
Day 5 - Beef and tomatoes, As much as 20 oz. of
beef or chicken or fish and more soup
Day 6 - beef and vegetables and soup, as much
as you want
Day 7 - brown rice and vegetables and soup

How does this diet work. It appears to me that it is a high carb low protein diet with a protein-up day. The diet says that you should only stay on it for a week to 2 max. I actually know 2 people who have tried this diet with great success. Is the loss just from water loss from the body, muscle losss or what ?

I am not too interested in trying it, but I am very interested in knowing how it works.

Any help from the T-men nutrition gurus is greatly appreciated.

once again its a hollywood loose 10 lbs fast diet. sure you look at the scale and you’ve lost 10 but do you really think you can burn 10 lbs of pure adipose tissue in a week. boy howdy fat fast cant even do that. most of the weight in my opinion is from the fiber hence cleansing your colon. some will be attributed to water weight although most soup is high in sodium causing retention but my guess would be from a cloln cleanse. and if i ate soup for a week i may as weel just start eating soy beans.
talk about breakdown. this diet is too generic though what if you eat campbells
chunky soup after all it eats like a meal.

Come on rob.
the best way to do diet is eat balanced meals, not just soup. For instance, I eat a turkey sub from subway (ft long) and a bag of BAKED potato chips. For dinnerI eat a ft long veggie sub and a bag of baked chips. I have been doing this, combined with lots of walking, and have lost over 172 pounds. I get my protien from the turkey, and my vitamins from the veggies, and carbs from the bread. That soup diet is just a big sham! If you are going to diet, do it in a safe and sensible way. Perhaps the T-mag crew will let me compose an article outlining my fitness plan. I will keep all you t-guys posted about my new book I cowrote with solo-flex on losing weight in a safe and sensible way!

Which edition of the Ladies Home Journal was it in ?

My parents go on this thing once a year or so. I tell them it is bullshit, that even if they lose 10 pounds, once they go back to eating “normal” it’ll come right back on. They do lose some weight … but I’m guessing all their solid mass turn straight to gas. Dude, you don’t want to be around someone who eats predominantly cabbage soup, I can tell you this from my annual experience! “Accoustic Aroma.” 'Nuff said?

Jared, perhaps you missunderstood my original post. I did state that I have no interest in trying this diet at all !! Like all true T-men however, I am interested in the possible science behind the diet. By the way, your post reminds me of an infomercial !

Well I think it “works” because you’d be so sick of eating these limited choices that your caloric intake would go down. Here’s my revised version:

Day 1 - all the Saudi Arabian papayas you can find Day 2 - all the lobster tails and fillet mignon you can afford. Day 3 - All the sugarless gum you can chew Day 4 - All the cottage cheese and cabbage you can digest. Day 5 - all the pickled herring you want Day 6 - anything that’s spoiled, sour, expired or stale. Day 7 - other people, biceps only.

Infomercials are dumb, I have been on some commercials and I guess you could say I am famous, and you can;t argue with my results, SUBWAY RULES, and I am still looking good, and I can show you the way, my name is Jared and I WILL LEAD YOU SUB WAY

I have a book called “The 7 Most Effective Ways to Jumpstart Your Diet”. It lists the cabbage soup diet, along with the protein diet, juicing, water fasting, raw food, grazing…

It says the cabbage is loaded with fiber, which is filling, which reduces hunger pangs. It also keeps blood sugar levels even which cuts down on carb cravings. The soup is very low in calories, carbs and fat. Your body supposedly gets its fuel from fat tissue. Also, the authors recommend this diet for only one week every three months, tops.
They claim the average weight loss is 8-10 pounds in one week. Some have lost as much as 17 pounds. (No, I haven’t tried it, so I can’t relay a personal experience with this diet)

I don’t know about that Jared dude.
Anyway, this Soup Diet is messed up in many ways. At least half of the weight loss with be muscle tissue, plain and simple. It’s obvious just from the food requirements of the diet. All the liquid involved will probably help your body shed some extra water weight, although the sodium in the soup will make you retain, so I’m not too sure about that. I guess you’ll lose some bodyfat as well, maybe 1/3 of the weight loss. When you start eating again, however your fat burning metabolism will have slowed down and will want to store the fat as a result of the low fat diet. Eating fat two of the seven does, doesn’t save you from this. Well, that’s my analysis. This is one of those infamous fad diets that cause you to drop some fat and a bunch of muscle. You’re smart not to try it.

Carla, thanks for response. It was the only one that actually explained how the diet possibly works. Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in trying this diet, I was just interested in how it apparently works. Thanks again.

Sounds like some PREVENTION Magazine crap - My wife reads that shit, makes for a good laugh though.

Rob, the diet works because you’re not allowed to eat much. It’s the same as if I put you on a Crystal Lite and apples diet. You undereat, you lose “weight.” There is no “science” behind it other than the fact that you’re in a negative caloric balance while on it. The “weight” that you lose is not all fat. Actually, it’s probably mostly water and lean tissue. It’s a horrible diet and a horrible way to eat.