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How Does HolyMac Do It?


We all know and love HM, and he has some of the biggest arms on this site. So HolyMac, please bless us with your tale of swoledom. How do you eat and how do you train?


haters gona hate lol


inb4 six thousand lunk alarm jokes


It's an obvious fact that his arms grow off of the disappointment of fellow T-Nation posters as they await HM's lunk alarm vid.


Nice execution, I give it a 9.5

Edit: some mention of MMF would have made a 10.


HM can you get all mic'ed up and teach me how to zombie?


I do exactly what profX does, but with half the weight


So you eat lots of hamburgers?

EDIT: so you eat half of lots of hamburgers?


Hey, keep the real shit between us.

For "hardcore military bratz" only.


Right before that avatar picture was taken, he JUST finished doing a sickening set of 10 reps with the 135lbs loaded on that bench press.


^could have guessed that, he did say half the weight prof X uses.



By way of associative reasoning, HM's progress has something to do with that chronic swarm of gnats in front of his face.

This I am quite sure of.


Don't hate. Professor X and Mac are jacked. Where I wanna be in 5 years (I hope)






With those arms he'll be beating guys off with both hands...


HolyMac, he's so hot right now...


let's see the wheelz HM! All that PT is wasting away your leg musclez


Someone mark this day...as the first time the Wonder Twins made me laugh.


Bug wanted to Holy Mac to do close grip bench but there was the fear that if he got too intense of a triceps pump his arms would explode Valentino style.