How Does HCG Make You Feel?

To those on TRT who have tried hormone optimization protocols with/without HCG, how did the addition (or subtraction) of it make you feel?

I can’t really tell much of a difference.

You are destined to get different answers from everyone, some feel nothing on HCG, others feel bad and some show mood.libido benefit.

You have to try it. It is the only way to know if it works for you. 400iu’s twice a week. Give it two months.
How long have you been on TRT?
Do your balls have a dull ache? Feel softer and mushier like they are disolving?
Have they pulled up against your body no longer laying the bottom of your sack?

Thats why i ask, honestly. Most of my search across the web yields answers that range literally all over the map … was hoping some of the guys on here could clue me into why that is.

So I guess this isnt TMI …

  1. 7 weeks
  2. no and no, but i can tell the balls themselves have shrunk very slightly
  3. Here is kinda where I was hoping to get some answers. I realize “shrinkage” is often a given when taking exogenous test. and i dont want that. However i do realize certain sacrifices might have to be made. But what i would like to know is why would my sac be super tight on almost a daily basis PRIOR to TRT. Before i even knew i had hormone issues i had searched this online. most of the results were about testicular atrophy, not the scrotum itself hanging tight against the body. I would like someone to connect the dots and explain to me why that is. I can recall having a checkup 10 years ago and asking a doc about that… he said without a physical exam that I was “tense or had GAD” and gave me a ton of xanax. my sac isnt tight 24/7 but i would say 90% of the time it is. And now that I am on TRT it remains that way - for the most part. Any insight to this is appreciated

I tried it and I felt bad for weeks. Stopped and felt better. Tried again and blah… decided to just stop.

It’s been a couple months and my balls hang normally like they used to. If I have sex a couple
Times they shrink for a 1-3 days and then back to normal.

The only time my sack goes tight like that I am really cold.
I have no idea what your issue is there. A urologist might have an answer.

7 weeks is nothing I did not start feeling I had ball issues for about 6-7 months.

You need an intelligent professional to answer that. It could be anything :confused:

Good to know

I have asked two docs over the years and both times was given Xanax. Which isnt really a viable solution

Dicks. People get addicted to Xanax so quick.

When I first started TRT was on for 3 months, no HCG. Balls got small and squishy, started HCG they came back to normal size and thats the extent of what I felt. Nothing else emotionally, physically, etc…

I always wondered if men feel less sides if HCG is started after one is dialed in. I see this often and do not hear any complaints. I only see complaints when someone is just starting there protocol and not dialed in yet.

that sounds terrible … assuming this happens with everyone?

this is kinda where i was hoping this topic would go. i had terrible numbers. My T, E2, and DHT were all low low - off the grid - low. Doc started me on 120 cyp (he wanted to start at 150) and 1000 IU HCG right out of the gate and while i know everyone reacts differently - i think this was a shock to my system. I had a lot of really nasty sides. So i wonder if i had started on low T and then upped it, and then added in HCG a month or two down the road if things would have been different … or something like that

Actually just realized I’m in the perfect spot to run this experiment. Started TRT back up about 6 weeks ago after trying a natural (failed) restart, no AI or HCG. I’ll give it a couple months and will most likely add HCG back for fertility purposes and honestly don’t like the idea of testicles withering away either. Will keep notes in my TRT restart log I have going of any perceptible changes.

keep me posted how its going