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How Does Fat Loss Work?

I’m continuing on a diet and have been having frustrating results. I keep checking and rechecking what I keep doing wrong because my waistline doesnt seem to change much. One thing that frustrates me is I feel like I’ve lost weight. In my face, other places, etc. But that waistline doesn’t change.

I feel like this is a big newbie question so thats why I’m in the beginners section. Since I know fat loss is loss over the entire body, is there a chance that losing fat is faster/slower in other parts of the body? Is it possible that I could lose fat in my legs, arms, face, etc before I begin to see a real difference in my gut? Or is it more like a balloon and you let the air out at the same rate everywhere?

Fat loss is a marathon not a sprint. My fat seems to peel off in the reverse order from which I put it on. My body places it first in the waist then in the thigh and chest. When I lose weight my waist is the last thing to go.

Yes, apparently the body has an “order” for fat loss.

This means that you will likely lose fat in the extremities before you will lose it in the abdominal area. Women often lose it from the upper hips and thighs last.

It supposedly has to do with the number of receptors in that area… either the “let go of it” receptors are lower in number or the “collect it” receptors are higher, or both.

There was an article on here talking about it. Rest assured, if you keep on losing, then eventually the gut will have to go, but it may take a while to get there… just keep working at it.