How Does Elevated E2 Ruin Libido and Erections?

Ideally you want to avoid AI - figure out a better dose and frequency as well as body weight, diet, training etc. so you won’t need an AI unless you’re someone who is super prone to high e2. Your TT is pretty high for TRT and SHBG is very low I would do EOD protocol and give it a few weeks to adapt 4-6 weeks, whenever you make any adjustments it takes time to adapt during that adaptation you will feel like shit.

but isn’t it better to do ED Dose with low SHBG??

or no???

I do think it is best for me to lower my dosage though

It is best to so ED dosing when SHBG is lower, the difference between 417 ng/dL (7mg ED) and 496 ng/dL (20mg EOD) is E2 26 versus E2 43.

Mind you I was only on the 7mg ED for only 3 weeks, couldn’t even begin to guess where I’d be in another 3 weeks.

Sadly the burning, itching dry skin force me to stop that daily protocol. Strangely after only a few days on every other day protocol my skin is beginning to sweat again and less dry.

I’ll second the comment that your testosterone levels are too high, a daily protocol is your best chance of getting your estrogen in that lower range.

So your on EOD dosing now???
I thought you had Low SHBG ??

I was on the EOD protocol and I feel a lot better on the ED.

So quick question every time I lower my does of T does that mean I have to change the amount of A.I as well?

Over a 1000 total T is to high I agree. But Im 30yrs I don’t know where is a good place for me to be at?

I weigh 167 ponds im really skinny im 5’10 so i don’t have me fat. I defiantly need to clean up my diet because i eat a lot of junk food im in college so that life style is a lot of junk food involved. Is it even possible for people not to use a A.I while on TRT???

If so that would be awesome because that I one less med to have to worry about but I just do know if that is possible especially for me because I take HCG as well because I would like t have children and I know HCG can increase your E2 as well

Only you and your labs can determine if AI needs adjustment. It seems like you’re choosing a Total T ranges to target based on age, why not go based on how you feel. A lot of guys seem to have problems near 1000, libido and fatigue issues.

@zsub154, when I started trt my shbg was 16. I did 3.5 day injections and that worked fine. My shbg did adjust to 20 and has stayed there ever since. I’ve never had any issues with 3.5 day injections. I hate to say it but it seems you may be chasing a ghost. Your trying to hit some number on e2 and perhaps your missing the elephant in the room. What if as your adjusting this ai roller coaster it’s not a “sweet spot” your hitting and passing but rather the fluctuation itself that is causing the benefit? I wonder if you adjusted your t dose up and down if it would have a similar effect? Just food for thought I just hate to see guys having such issues with trt.


But even if this gets your e2 in range, isn’t that just way too low of test? Wouldn’t it be better to get the test up a bit and just reduce e2 w an ai? I mean, at that level of test, are you going to even feel anything?

Back in 2016 I was doing 15 mg, sub q, daily. After several months I ordered labs. TT was 777, free was 16.0, E2 29. Looks great but didn’t feel a thing. Poor libido, depression, now and then nocturnal erections, along with moderate weight gain around waist. Gave up on t shots.

In September, back in Maryland for a few months, went to see my urologist because I felt like a very old, sick man. My TT was 268, free 5.4, E2 21. While waiting for my lab results, I tried an IM injection of 30 mg from what was left of the vial from 2016. In the morning, felt great and had abundant energy. When I saw my urologist, we discussed trying 200 mg per week and he was okay with it, since I’m an atypical patient with many health problems stemming from treatment resistant bipolar illness.

At 30 mg, daily, I began to feel alive. More nocturnal erections and some when snuggling with my wife, though didn’t feel confident to take it further. But more touching, hugging and kissing, which I haven’t felt like doing for years. Just angry and depressed. However, my weight shot up from 155( far too high for me) to 168. E2(sensitive) is 40.2(LabCorp). And I’ve yet to order a Free Estradiol assay.

Now taking 140 mg, weekly, EOD, instead of 20 mg, daily. I don’t want to overdo Adex but the bloat and weight gain are getting me down.

Can you clarify your post a bit?

You’re on 140mg weekly? Or split up into an EOD protocol?

I’m not going to dialing in chasing some number on a range, I’m going based on how I feel. I think that’s why a lot of guys are continuing to have problems, because they can’t get past this numbers game.

Remember naturally you levels decline throughout the day and injecting EOD keeps levels elevated 24/7.

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My post was quite wordy. I apologize. 140 mg in an EOD protoctol. I might go back to daily. My doctor is fine with anyway I want to inject. Coincidental or not, last night, when I got into bed, suddenly had a great spontaneous erection. Unfortunately, my wife has a sciatic nerve flare. We’ve never been in sync when it comes to sex, lol. 26 years and we haven’t dialed it in.

So what you’re saying is that instead of me fluctuating my estradiol I should be more focused on manipulating The amount of testosterone I am injecting?
I guess this is where I’m confused at. I don’t know which aspect to tackle first.
I guess I find it harder to manipulate the testosterone because as you manipulate the testosterone the E2 fluctuates along with it. To where if I manipulate the E2 despite what I do as long as I keep injecting the same amount of testosterone the testosterone levels don’t change.

If you could please provide me with some detailed information on what you feel is best to help me feel better in the aspect of manipulating how much testosterone I’m injecting. I just don’t know when it is a proper time just start using or not using an A.I

I absolutely believe that manipulation of testosterone is the key. Your over the scales on your current protocol. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but you have a blueprint on what that translates to sexually. I would at least attempt a lower dosage of test and try to drop the arimidex. I’m currently running 300 mg a week test e with no ai. Just taking nolvadex to protect myself from gynecomastia. At these levels my libido has dropped dramatically. I’m waiting on some bloodwork to come in right now to get a handle on what’s going on with test and e2. As far as your situation I would drop the ai and lower the test dose. You can then try alternating your test dose to simulate fluctuations in your estrogen. An example would be 100 mg per week for 2 weeks and then adjust to 120 mg per week for two weeks. It’s up to you. Its your body.


I mean that sounds like a good idea and I kind of understand the logic behind it. I’m a pretty skinny guy I really don’t feel like I should be taking an AI. So I’m really going to take that idea into consideration and most likely I’m probably going to end up giving it a try because it really does make sense. But the other barrier that I’m facing is that I am also taking hCG. I am only 30 years old and I still want to have kids. I just feel like I’m taking so many meds I don’t know which ones to manipulate to try to get better. Do you think it’s possible for me to take testosterone and hCG and still not need an A.I?


I’m new to this and interested but so much abbreviations its hard to read. I just got my levels back and my estrogen is 65 seems way too high

Might be many different reasons. Estrogen tend to increase prolactin, which usually fuck up libido and erections.

Estrogen also increase serotonin, which has a tendency to decrease libido and erection strenght.

As soon as my estrogen gets even a little bit too high, libido and erections are gone.

Do not listen to anyone who claim estrogen is “soo good for libido!”, its not.


I tend to agree purely from my own experience, although I’d wager it’s the balance of hormones that is key.

You also need to post the units and all the details about what you’re taking. I’ve seen a few people getting E2 results in pmol/L when most here are using pg/ml and it totally screws up the conversation. 65 pmol/L = 18 pg/ml for example.

(and 65 pg/ml isn’t too high for many, fyi)

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