How Does Elevated E2 Ruin Libido and Erections?

I’ve read that article you’ve all seen stating estrogen competes with testosterone for receptors. Or that estrogen antagonizes testosterone. Is this bs?

How does e2 specially alter libido and erections? Does anyone know scientifically why or how?

Hypertension caused by excess water retention - constricting blood vessels also the penis needs a certain amount of androgenic stimulation, healthy amount of e2 is important however for libido and erection so it’s not the evil it’s made out to be - end of the day it’s all about balance.

Receptors are unique to their own, T receptor won’t allow E in, think of them like keys to a door. T can’t compete for E receptor only E can open that door. Then comes SERMS in example are synthetic estrogens like a key that’s the same shape and size but different message within it (ex. a copy of a car key without the door unlock button)

Thanks for the reply mike.

I’m having trouble finding libido/arousal and wondering if it’s e2 related or not. I’ve had my e2 all over the places, from 27 up to 49 on a sensitive test and still haven’t felt much in regards to increase drive.

Do you see those changes with differing test protocols?

49 was with an eod protocol of 25mg test.

27 was with an e3d protocol of 50mg test (reading at trough).

I’m wondering if for me, I need a really low e2 (like around 20) to feel libido. OR maybe someone who is quite muscular (me) need more test in order to have enough to hit androgen receptors ?

Aren’t you on 200mg a week? I doubt it’s a lack of test.

Are you still having function problems? As in , losing wood? Unable to get wood?

Me? No I’m on 20mg eod.

I get great morning wood, but just lacking the arousal around gf.

WHere is your SHBG at? Just because you ran a 27 at one-time can absolutely mean that it is still too high, for you. I suspect it is on the low end if you’re on 25mg EOD, there’s little other reason to be on that protocol unless your SHBG is low. Low SHBG would translate to high Free T, but also high Free E which is why I reference that 27 may be too high for you.

On the 25mg EOD protocol SHBG is 19. E2 was 49, and my FT was high out of range. SO I dropped test to 20mg eod. Hoipefully this lowers E2.

Id bet your Free E is way out of range high just like your Free T. If your E2 sensitive was 49 that’s way too high. I have this theory that with low SHBG your SHBG and Sensitive E2 should be in close proximity numbers wise. You should run “Estradiol, Free” if it’s affordable for you along with the (Ultra) Sensitive LC/MS/MS test.

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It will lower E2, but I don’t think it will be enough to get E2 in a good range for libido do to lower SHBG.

Solution is every day dosing, 8-10mg. This may dramatically lower estrogen as it did for me.

I have also heard shbg should be around e2 number as well.

@systemlord : If I go to ed dosing, I will be lowering my TT a ton, and yes, hopefully e2. Will you still get a sex drive with such a low TT reading?

ALSO, are you doing subq in your ed protocol, or im?

If a daily protocol lowers T simply increase the dosage, but estrogen will be lower regardless. You need less testosterone on daily the achieve the same levels because your levels hardly decrease before your next injection.

You’re also injecting less testosterone in a given week and this lowers estrogen.

If IM works why change it up?

The only reason I’d go subq is to lower estrogen. Appparently subq tends to lower it compared to Im

I appreciate your responses systemlord. We have similar blood results.

I have also experimented with my E levels - and for many years, it was always low. I added proviron again and I feel that my E must have dropped as my erections found a new home.

Before that, I allowed it (E) to rise and started feeling better.

Guys here always talk about the E “sweet spot” – and I believe they are 100% correct. Because we are modifying hormone levels, we don’t have “natural” balances any more and must find our new “natural” level.

Your question asks about “elevated” E only … IMO, E levels too low or too high provide the same problems.


Being low SHBG like you, we need to lower Test dose in order to keep estrogen lower. But lowering test level to do so also does just that… lowers test level. This would mean not feeling the effects of test so much.

Wouldn’t it be more useful to keep the test high and just use some arimidex?
When I dose test at 25mg eod or so, my e2 goes to 49, but my total test is in the 700s with high FT. Don’t I want those numbers? Should I just add some arimidex? Won’t lowering test levels decrease my results?

I guess I’m concerned with lowering test too much just to get e2 down. I feel like I’d need by TT at like 500 in order to get e2 down.

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but how does someones find out what is healthy E2 levels for them self?

Im in the same boat I have had mine all over the place as well and can’t figure out which level works best for me. Or if it is even a E2 problem to begin with

trial & error


ok so this is what has been going on with me
my Shbg is about 17
Total T is always about 1120
Free T is always about 27 range (8.7-25.1)

About a month ago my E2 was 27pg which i felt like crap. I started taking 0.2mg of A.I EOD which is .8mg a week. With in 10 days at that dose it dropped me down to 9pg. But here the thing with in those 10 days I felt pretty good about 5 of those days out of the 10 day. So I figured my sweet spot must be between 27 and 9 pg. So I lowered the dose to 0.1 mg ED which is a total of 0.7 mg a week. It raised me to 17pg from the 9 pg it took about 20 days for it to reach the 17pg. but somewhere with in that time I was feeling good again so now I think My sweet spot is somewhere between 9 and 17 I just don’t know how to get my levels to where I need them ?