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How Does Clomid Work?

How does Clomid actually work?

I have tried Clomid before and it made me feel awful.

Am I right I’m saying that it blocks the Estrogen receptors in the brain and hypothalamus, thus making the pituitary to pump our LH and FSH to compensate?

Also even though it makes the body produce E2 through increase in testosterone and aromatisation in the testicles but the receptors are still blocked in the brain so you still don’t feel good as the receptors are blocked?

Surely a massive part of feeling good and being optimal is the Estrogen receptors and other receptors in the brain?

Is this why people don’t do well on it?

Also say someone took 25mg, how long would it take for the receptors to reset or go back to normal?

I know Clomid has a half life of around 5 days.

Yes it is believed because these receptors are blocked you dont feel good on clomid long term. Estradiol is as equally important as testosterone for males and you block it from the brain.

But the short term feeling bad from clomid is believed to be from the zucklomiphene that is kind of a synthetic estrogen not identical to estradiol

There is no proof for any of this

Do you know how long it takes for the receptors in the brain to come back online?

I dont think anybody can answer that. 2 weeks after I stopped the clomid stopped feeling all side effects but i was taking it like 20 days

Cool, what if you were just to take one 25mg tab?