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How does Anabolic Diet Decrease your Weight?

I’m assuming it’s decreasing fat, but why does the anabolic diet using slightly over maintenance calories decrease bodyweight at all?

Initially it will because relatively few calories lost from depeleted glycogen results in relatively large weight loss.

In general though, over maintenance, no matter how you do it, does not give fat loss.

(If fat loss results then the intake is not over maintenance, by definition.)

it doesn’t. no diet over maintenance calories will decrease fat mass. WEIGHT will be lost initially via a loss of muscle glycogen and water.

Well depleted glycogen isn’t good anyways.

Is there some special reason people tout it for leaning up?

Among the advantages not generally mentioned are automatic limiting of food choices thus ruling out a lot of bad ideas, and also a tendency towards automatically reducing calories by means of this limiting.


I’ve been doing the AD since the beginning of Nov (with the exceptions of the holidays).

Food choices are pretty easy. Does it have carbs? Yes: Don’t eat. No: Go for it. Simple as that.

Eggs, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, beef, chicken (I like to eat whole chicken/with skin), sausage, salads, veggies,

I don’t count calories and I hardly get ‘hungry’ as I normally would. I actually plugged into fit day an average day and its about 2400 cals on a work out day, 2000 on a non. I’m taking a week off right now, and I can tell you while eating carbs I’ve never been so hungry.

Also, my energy is pretty much normal, at a deficit.