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How does 1lb of body fat relate to volume

I was wondering what is the volume of 1lb of body fat.

I am currently 157 @ 5’ 9 and i was wondering how much fat i would have to loss to see a notable difference.

That depends on your BF%. At that height and weight you could be 4% or 20%.

go get a pound of butter or lard. look at it. that is how much space a pound of fat takes up. actually probably less as the fat in our body’s are liquid so slighty more expanded.

Way back in the day on TV there was a show where they had “5 lbs of fat” in this foam prop thing. It was huge. 1lb isn’t going to be much relative to your entire body but I believe 14 lbs is 1 inch off your waist. That might seem like a lot but with proper dieting that should take about 8 weeks and clearly the other parts of your body will look quite a bit different.

Personally, I think that the noticeability of fat loss conforms to Weber’s Law of just-noticeable difference, that the the size of the just noticeable difference is a constant proportion of the original value. For example, the louder music is, the more it has to be turned down before it becomes noticeably softer. The fatter a person is, the more fat he has to lose before people notice he looks leaner. If a 400-pound guy with 50% BF loses 10 pounds, that’s 5% of his total fat and it’s barely noticeable. But if a 200-pound guy with 10% BF loses 10 pounds of fat, that’s 50% of his total fat and it’s hugely noticeable.

Don’t forget fat is also not only found under the skin but also internally around the organs, so any fat loss would occour here too.