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How Do You Warm Up


I read the tip for today about warming up, and I was curious: how does everybody here warm-up? When I am doing legs, I like to get on one of those half-swiss balls they have, not sure what it is. Anyway I do a few sets of bodyweight squats on that then I do some vertical jumps. I also like to jump rope, both on lower and upper body days. Other than that I don't really do much stretching, I remember reading that actually weakens your muscles and should be done after. So lets hear it guys.


that is funny that you mentioned stretching should be done after. i have been noticing that if i stretch too much before i usually hurt something. the way i warm up is in the sauna. i do very light stretching, mostly just rotations to loosen everything up. the heat get me warm real fast.


Definitely Cressey and Robertson's mobility work.

Check out the DVD. I've been using the stuff since August and it has made a significant difference in training progress and general mobility.


I do two sets of 10 pull-ups, 10 dips, 10 back extensions, 10 sit-ups, 10 45lb. overhead squats, and strech my hip flexors. I'm working towards three sets of 15 on the above exercises.


Depends on my training?
Am I in my GPP, SPP or CP?

10 mins of light-mod. intensity cardio. Consisting of 5 mins. stationary bike followed by 5 mins. erg. row thingy.

Goal is to break light sweat and hold back on fatigue.

Followed by approx. 20-25 mins upper body stretches. Or on lower body days. Approx.30-50+ mins lower body stretches.

When doing lower body after my 10 mins cardio w-up to raise body temp. I put my knee sleeves on to maintain joint temp. I'll also use the rip-away pants with gym shorts on underneath, and long sleeved meshed shirt over my sleeveless shirt. And if body temp. will drop during stretching I will wear a zip-up hoody.

In between sets I always use the towel on the shoulder trick ( in my case hoody ) and take it off right before commencing the set. BAMMM!!!!!!!! Instant fight or flight response!!!!

"I guess when scientists finally realize the importance of stretching, the masses will follow... ah, so many sheep." -Ian King


5 min light work to raise pulse and temp- walking or something light.

Couple of minutes of joint mobility ex.

windmills starting light and working up to 75lb for triples (warms up back and hams and put them through good ROM)

overhead squats for 65, 85, 105 (one triple each)

Front squat 135x3x3

Ready for heavy work.





I don't warm up or stretch. I do however do warm up sets to get the joints going.


I find the best way for me is to go in and load the bar with some ungodly amount of weight... say 405 or so. Then ask for a spot and quickly drop it on my chest. It gets the adrenaline flowing like crazy.

So seriously I walk at a medium pace for 4-5 minutes on the treadmill to warm up some. I usually drink some hot hot green tea right before I workout. Then I do some mobility excercises, some warmup sets especially if I start on squats or deads and then into the heavy work.