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How do you view

How do you view the asshole spamming our board with whatever the hell he is trying to do. I mean his messages look like the exact same with the religion being different. Sorry I had to vent 'cause I’m starting to get a little angry. And if an apology on my part is in order, for posting this, then I’ll give it.

So, what do you think gays think of this site? Just kidding. I rolled my eyes at the third post on “what do ‘fill in the blank’ think about this site” and just started to ignore them.

I was about to jump through the screen before I read “Just kidding.” I guess I’m just too high strung right now with school 'cause normally I would do what you have done and just ignore the guy.

I hope people stop responding, maybe then he will go elsewhere for his kicks. I think this guy has done this before “Lonnie” sounds familiar.

Haha…I’d bet money they were each done by someone different, Ryan.

i started the Judaism thing after the christianity thing to make fun of the christianity post, because i didn’t understand how you could read soemthing and have it affect your view or vice versa. you read because you enjoy what you read.

Well, looks like an apology is in order. So Lonnie, I owe you an apology for believing you started all of the religious threads and Bionic woman I believe I owe you apology as well. Sorry for being a dick guys. Take care.