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How Do You Use Sachets?


I read that the UGL recommends that you draw the entire packet out at once when using. The packets are 5ml. Were do you put the gear? I know in my glute right? Thats to much for me! Do you leave it in the syringe or do you put in a rubber stopper bottle. If you leave it in the syringe how do you transfer it to a new setup when injecting. Or do you just replace the needle and pin to a determined level on the syringe.


Don't make it harder than it really is, IKIMURA. You may store it in the syringe, though I do not like that idea so much, as the sachets tend to contain a lot of co-solvents. These can eat away at the stopper in the syringe. Your bet bet is to store the gear in some sterile vials.


store in sterile vials. I run mine through a .22 filter just to be on the safe side.


Were does one aquire the filters and sterile vials. I guess what I am asking is were do you recommend.


ok I found some. Thanks Now I hope A... S..p comes through.


dont open them until you get the vials and the filters.


If it is A.S then you may find that the sachets aren't what you expected after all..

Also IME filtering will not likely be necessary, but dilution probably is.


Yep,better get some sterile grapeseed oil to dilute with if you A.S. coming. Their stuff is like trying to inject pudding,lol!


I just thought the sachet would be easier in customs. From what I read though they are wise to that. I guess its all a crap shoot!


If that is actually how your gear arrived, you should edit it out of your post. LE doesn't need your help. Even if it's not how your gear arrived, it may be how others send out theirs. You should edit it out....




Good chap :wink:


Dynamo its still quoted in your previous post...


haha forum fail...


Didn't notice that. Now edited out. Thanks Game Time!!


WTF, Im using A.S. right now and yes it needs to be cut with grapeseed or cottonseed which I have but whats this about not storing the oil in the syringe.I have been preloading all the oil in the syringes when I open a new sachet.


Safer in a vial depending on ingredients in compound.


It is fine stored in a syringe if that is all you have - just use it within weeks, not months.


Fuck, that freaked me out.I only store them before use for acouple days.


I'm going to get some sachets. I'm going to put it through a whatman into a sterile 20cc bottle. I wouldn't store anything in a syringe.