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How Do You Use Avocado Oil?


Just bought some avocado oil for the first time... does anyone use this stuff regularly? Any recipes you guys use specifically relating to avocado oil? How do you guys generally use it?


why not just eat an avocado?


Would be good on a tuna or chicken salad i would imagine.. as would chopped advocado!


Pour it onto a Tablespoon.... swallow... done.

Easiest way of doing it, how i down my olive oil too.


There are many was to "use" avocado oil (and others). The most important thing to remember, is to cover your bedspread or couch first. I like to use a spare shower curtain.


I love avocados and eat them all the time, just thought avocado oil would be a good way to change up my diet... . Just wondered if people had some good recipes specifically regarding avocado oil.


I heard it has a high smoke point. which makes it good for frying


DeadRamones is correct. Avocado oil has a very high smoke point, >500F, versus say olive oil which is low, <400F. This makes it good for frying and particulary good for grilling. Other than that it's very expensive and in short supply as avocados don't produce much oil. It has a high monounsaturated content and is ths healthy, but it's lower than olive oil.