How Do You Transport Your Food?

Hey guys. Obviously, we all either have full-time jobs, full-time school, or a combination of both that take us away from home anywhere from 4-12 hours.

How do you guys transport your food so that you have all your meals with you?

Do you know of any good products (e.g. coolers, ice packs, things to keep food warm/cold)??

I plan on following the Ecto diet in the Physique Clinic (bizarre), so it’ll mostly consist of 6-8oz of chicken/meat/turkey, oranges, tomatoes, celery, berries, and yams.


Don’t forget the shrimps and cucumbers!

I have a refrigerator, microwave, and a blender at work, so I’m probably a spoiled bastard. If you don’t have these things, look to Stanley. They make the most invincible thermos and cooler combo known to man.

The thermos is truly hardcore. We’ve dropped them from 50 feet, run them over, used them to bash things. If you like your liquids hot or cold, it’s crazy good. The combo sort of locks together, making it hard to lose/forget one or the other.


Sabastian, I forgot about the shrimps and cucumbers! Haha. I was trying to remember them off the top of my head! I remember seeing your name on the bizarre thread as well.

I used to have a fridge/microwave when I was active duty military. But as a full-time student, I won’t have anything (although they may have one for me to use in the cafeteria). That Stanley combo is awesome.

Thanks for the website.

I use a plastic bag if that helps. If I don’t have a fridge handy I eat my yoghurt in the morning and save the fruit, veges, nuts and canned fish for later. Protein powder keeps til after my workout.

What I meant to convey was I pack food which will keep for one day without refridgeration.

Frozen veges defrost by lunch time and if I don’t have a microwave then its cold green veges with my can-of-fish.

I bought a MaxCold mini-cooler for about $12 at Target. It’s one that’s made to hold like 8-10 sodas with an extra compartment up top separated so you could have something hot and something cold in it if you wanted. I just use the bottom portion and use those Blue Ice blocks to keep my stuff cold.

I have two and I just rotate them each day (mostly in case i lose one or forget to put it back in the freezer). It works well enough that even if I don’t eat everything I bring it’s cold enough when I get home that it’s still edible or can be thrown back in the fridge.

I wanted it to be self contained because our work fridge is constantly jam-packed with bullshit that people throw in there and forget about so I chose not to have to deal with it anymore.

done and done

I bought the beach backpack cooler, kina of just for work, so it fits what i need and

the backpack cooler, nicer and more professional looking, you can fit a lot of stuff in it, but it is up to the person who is ussing it.

you may want to buy a 30-45 can cooler from either walmart or target that has wheels then you could put your books and everything ontop and drag it around?

Target, $12, I can do two or three days of food if I have access to ice (great for weekend trips and spending the night out of town)

I got this bad boy at costco for 20 bucks this summer.

I put all my meals in zip lock bags and Tupperware the night before throw 3 ice packs on top and a couple bottles of water. It has a front pouch for my supplements, bags of protein powder, nuts, fruits etc.

the wheels and handle are removable If I going to an event or competing I put them on and strap my gym bag on top of it.

I love this damn thing.

I use the Zojirushi Mr. Bento fairly regularly. It only holds one meal, though it does hold more than it looks like, but is good if you have stuff that needs to be kept separate and hot.

Do any of you have experience with Fit n Fresh products? I was considering buying a few of these containers. It’s like any tupperware, but they have what’s basically an ice pack in between two plastic tops.
I’m a student so something like this is more appealing than carrying a cooler around to class.
Any opinions?

I just use a regular cooler and eat my food cold if I have to, it sucks but you get used to it. I really dont eat for taste anymore just for its purpose so cold food is fine for me.

Nice big Colemans cooler with a few ice packs. can travel with about 4 to 5 meals + a few shakes. :slight_smile:

This is what I use. Awesome for anyone who rides a motorcycle too.