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How Do You Train?

How is your weekly training set up? And also what are your best lifts?

Monday squat, Tuesday bench, Thursday pulls, Friday upper body accessory. Work up to one top set no more than 10 reps no less than 5. Add 5lbs per week. This is what I’m currently doing leading up to a December 2nd contest.

Four weeks out from the contest I will work two weeks of triples and two weeks of doubles and then do the meet.

Trying something different this time.

I never max in the gym but current weights are 530 raw squat, 400 raw bench, 515 pull and Titan Magnum slingshot bench at 505. Both squat and pull should be more come meet time but my right shoulder is giving me a few issues so its anyone’s guess what will happen with my bench by December. Hoping for healing by then.

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Training Maximally from Beyond 5/3/1 for my main lifts (squat, bench, close grip, DL at the moment): work up to my training max, then either hit it for a rep PR (further out from a meet) or work up in jokers (closer to a meet) or both, then hit backoff sets (I’ve tweaked it so those are usually a variation of the main lift). Assistance work is pretty standard bodybuilding with a compound lift focus. Within that framework I squat twice a week, starting to DL twice a week, bench twice a week, do some kind of overhead press once a week and train my upper and middle back with pulling four times a week.

9 day split, Light lower, light upper, heavy lower, heavy upper, medium lower, medium upper.

MWFSa are my training days always. Triphasic in nature. Eccentric focused blocks, isometric focused blocks and dynamic focused blocks.

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In a typical week I lift three days a week. On a typical lifting day I start with an Olympic lift variation (not the competitive lifts but the training lifts), and then alternate between leg exercises and upper body exercises. I’m transitioning from 5x5 to eight sets of 3. Since I’m trying to lose weight I focus on trying to raise my metabolism rather than breaking new PRs. On off days I do some short martial arts work outs (just to get my heart rate up) or walking. And I swim once a typical week.

I have mixed feelings about the question about my best lift. There are guys at my gym who bench and dead lift more than I do, but I’m the only guy there who regularly does loaded carries or the clean and press so people at my gym would say those are my “best lifts.” But I doubt the numbers would impress people here.

5/3/1 off-season for powerlifters with high volume assistance. Active recovery on rest days.