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How Do You Train Delts and Traps?


how do you guys train traps and delts?

before my "shoulder" workout has been shoulder presses, shrugs and raises. But i think im neglecting seperating them out and training traps and delts separatley or at least fairly. should the delts and traps be treated as say bis and tris or do they all get enough stimulus of the same exercises?


Are youre traps growing from waht youre doing right now?

Are you happy with your trap size?

Answer these and it should be pretty FUCKING CLEAR


i will never be happy with my trap size and ive experimented with say 4 exercises for shoulders to a few per muscle say. just seeing how other people break it down.


Depending on how your split is set up it might be hard to separate your delt and traps training if you're worried that you're not giving them enough intensity or something. Your traps are going to be used during your shoulder work, along with your back work. If not though,you could just try training your traps more frequently.

Football players hit traps a lot and they usually have a good yoke. How are you currently training your shoulders and traps?


im starting bodybuilding style training again after about 6 months out which just consisted of squats, deads and bench. Before i just did say seated shoulder dumbbell press, behind the neck bar bell press, barbell/dubell shrugs and lateral dumbell raises. so pretty basic. I suppose i did get abit of growth, nothing to compare it to i guess. so currently im training shoulders harder, more exercises and separation:

  1. seated db press
  2. Behind the neck barbell press
  3. standing military press
  4. barbell shrugs

  5. db side raises

  6. bent over reverse db flys
  7. db front raises

obviously i need to see how this goes to know the answer but it just seems quite alot to me.

so was just curious to see how others split traps and delts or not in some cases.

My traps certainly do get alot of stimulation from deadlifts i must say no im at the 200kg mark.

my weekly split is:

monday - chest
tuesday- back
wednesday - rest
thursday- shoulders
friday- legs
saturday- arms
sunday- rest


i do some shrugs for traps, i would add more if i wanted to bring them up but they grow very easily

as it stands right now for shoulders im doing

heavy press
lateral head move - either heavy upright rows or lateral raises or both
rear delt move - heavy face pulls with a 1-2 second squeeze


Some get progress from deadlift and shoulder work, some need targeted trap exercise. as bignate said, if your traps are not on par with the rest of you, add them. I put them on shoulder day. High reps works better for mine, but you dont give any lifting stats so its hard to say.


Do HEAVY shrugs. If you can hold the bar without using a mixed grip or straps go heavier.


Exactly even after i asked, you are still being very vague as to your actual training progress, weights, reps ect...

What made my shrugs grow was power shrugs using some loose form and at least 20 reps, i would add a plate every set and work up to 405, made pretty good progress. Also if you want shrugless traps buy a neck harness and work up to 4x50 every day with 25-50lbs and youll have a sick neck after a month or two.

For shoulders, can you feel your shoulders on the exercises you currently do? what reps are you using, start blasting those fuckers with reps, partials and forced reps, weight is less important for shoulder training IMO, expect for things like overhead presses, but i cant even do those anymore....


You have four overhead presses in one session. I don't think you're going to be able to use a lot of intensity to those lifts, especially if you're using any decent amount of volume. Why not pick one overhead lift for maximum effort and then add something like a dumbbell press; seated perhaps, Arnold presses, or BTN presses after.

Myself I prefer the BTN Presses on the smith machine. If you're still new and some may not agree with me but you might want to try push presses to get your body used to handling heavier loads overhead than with what you could normally use with just your shoulders. Then for your second press do seated DB presses to hit the debts more directly.

You can also experiment with doing your trap movements after presses instead of going directly to lateral work, since you feel your traps are lacking.


Traps: sumo deads, rack-pulls, DB shrug with holds
Delts: push press, military press, high incline smith press, chest supported rear delt raise, wolfe face pulls, rear delt machine, face pulls, mountain dog lat raises, lean away lat raise, incline lat raises

Obviously not all exercises all of the time


Clean and press (military or push) every day has done the most for me.


My delt and upper trap progress is going quite well at the moment, I train delts and traps together.
My program is
Standing Clean and Military Press - 5 sets x 5 reps
Seated DB Press - 4 Sets x 8 reps
Face Pulls - 3 Sets x 10 reps
One Arm cable side raises - 3 sets x 12 reps
DB shrugs - 3 sets x 30 reps
(with DB ahruga I go slowly and hold for 2 seconds at the top, I use a moderate/heavy weight, but not too heavy or you wont get 30 reps)