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How Do You Train a Soccer Player?

my friend whose a soccer player asked me to train him the other day. i know how to do football, basketball, hell even baseball players, but soccer? im thinking a much larger focus on conditioning, but even then i wouldnt prioritize it for a while…anyone who has experience in this area anything is appreciated. thanks.

400 yard drills, 40 yard drills, plyometrics, squats, deads/good mornings, power cleans, bench, rows, chins, push presses, medium distance running (1.5-3 miles), stretching.

It could be a lot of stuff, get an idea of where he’s at and what he should improve on. Sprinting is tough on the hamstrings so GHR’s might be a good idea or any other hamstring exercise you want to do.

Hope that helps.

Side-to-side cone threading with ankle weights for calves.