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How Do You Take Your Steak?

Back in the day, I would never eat a steak unless it was well done. Obviously, I didn’t care for steak too much then because it never seemed to taste that great. Now, I always go medium. I’m not into bloody, raw meat. But medium is the best way for me since it’s cooked, yet still tender and juicy! I had a NY strip for New Year’s and those fuckers cooked it Medium Well/Well instead of medium! I was pissed.

Medium - Rare is the only way to go…

“Give it to us raw…and wriggling!” - Smeagol, The Two Towers.

Medium Rare

Actually, that observation was from me, I just forgot to sign the post. Anyway, I remember how you & Groove got your steak… perfect!

Ike: kinda thought that was you :slight_smile:

Anyways...*thinking back to the moment when that beautiful slab of meat was served that morning* - oh yeah, brings a tear to the eye.

just give me a friggin rope.I have my own Bowie knife.


Not moving.