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How Do You Take Your Steak?

Rare/Medium-Rare, here.

Without the life blood, how would one gain the power of the beast?

Medium-Rare - I actually like to see some blood dripping onto the plate as I slice open that oh, so tender steak. Yummeeeee.

I’m with you Ike. I like proof that it was once a beautiful living creature, and is now an even more beautiful, and FUNCTIONAL piece of satiation. Hell, I just had one 10 mins ago, courtesy of the Foreman Grill.

MBE: “Paying hommage to the slaughter fairy since 1086.”


Medium here. The blood doesn’t do much for me.
“Steak…mans best friend”.

I like my steak raw with salt, pepper and garlic.


Just wave a piece of charcoal at it.

The Blood of your enemies will make you stronger!

uh,… what was the question again?

Medium to Medium-Rare. Depends on the chef. I agree though: if the pink is gone, the steak is ruined.

I was going to run a search for this thread, in case it had been brought up previously, but I realized that if I searched for ‘steak’ I would just come up with a bunch of Patricia hits. :slight_smile:

One of my favorite meals is a rare Porterhouse steak with a large baked potato. Hmmm…

Just on this side of rare - I want it warmed through but that’s it. On the other hand, I love steak tar-tar, so I’ll eat it completely raw if it’s well prepared.

Medium - Rare here… If its over cooked a lot of nutrients is gone.

Medium Well, and I don’t eat the fat. Picky, picky.

Medium and I want a big one right NOW! :slight_smile:

It depends on the cut. I mostly go with rare-medium rare, but for a nice tenderloin or Kobe beef, raw or bleu with a little soy sauce is damn good.

Wipe its ass, cut off its horns, and serve it up…I like it rare…

Looks like I’m with Avoids on this one - medium well unless someone really knows what they are doing and I’ll try medium.

Seared dark on the outside and bloody pink on the inside with plenty of habenero sauce.yummy, yum, yum

“Observation”: Pretty keen on your part. Especially when I was the first one to reply to this one! And for anyone who cares, a nice juicy New York was my dinner for New Year’s Eve.