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How Do You Take Your Protein?

Curious as to how you take your protein. Such as time, shaken in a shaker, blended in blender,
Before/after workout? Do you only do whey? How about casein at night? Do you also eat eggs, drink milk,
as additions to your intake?
Me? I take a before workout shake and after with whey, glutamine and creatine. I mix a big batch and sip before
during and after the workout. I love eggs and milk and I’m thinking about a before bed casein supplement.
Thanks for any comments.

I try to keep it simple. Shakes before and after workouts: Whey with coffee, buck wheat, nutritional yeast, cinnamon and creatine (only 5 g before). Eggs, pork, chicken, beef and fish for lunch and dinner. I used to have micellar casein before bed but haven’t done that in years. I avoid dairy and never drink milk as it bothers my stomach. I typically eat 4 times per day, around every 3 hours.

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Thanks for the input Hostile. You gave me a good idea with the coffee. What is the advantage of the
Cinnamon? Sounds like you have a good eating and supplementing schedule.


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It tastes delicious and:

Excellent, another addition to my blend. Thanks “H”.

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I would oppt for food rather than having 2+ shakes a day…

The higher quality shakes (Whey isolate, Hydrolyzed whey, hydrolyzed casein) arent the best tasting…

If you have good tasting whey (usually blends) you can get creative:

-Mix with korean yams (or sweet potato) pink salt & Cinnamon

-Magic Bullet, Unsweetened Almond Milk, cinnamon, PB2, ice, Whey= Frozen yogurt

-Fat Free Cool Whip, greek yogurt or cottage cheese (i dont have either during prep), cinnamon, PB2

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Thanks Arash: Good stuff. I appreciate it.

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@arash_rahbar, do you totally cut dairy out of your prep diet? Are there any other foods you might eat in the off season but eliminate during a prep?

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Yes, I cut out dairy. I am not lactose intolerant but dairy (even whey blends) bloat me and increase subcutaneous water (Which I don NOT like)

Offseason… not really… I mean obviously I am more flexible and eat out more, but I cant really afford to eat junk or a lot of anything… I put on weight easily especially when consuming fats.
And we all know they havent raised the Classic Physique weight yet:sunglasses:

@arash_rahbar That’s great info, thank you! Do you think they might raise the weight limitations one day? Your size and your level of conditioning are extremely impressive, and you are obviously very meticulous with your diet, ensuring you’re not holding onto any extra water and can get a very accurate reading of your conditioning and weight.

I have a lot of problems with water retention, Stu calls me “Aquaman” because I hold so much water lol. It was a serious issue during my prep, even on the day of the show which was frustrating. We figured out that a lot of it was caused by stress but I also have sensitivity to different foods and I believe dairy is one of them. I’ve also noticed bloating and water retention from wheat, large amounts of vegetables at one sitting especially broccoli, or generally a large volume of any type of food in one sitting. So, these are things I will certainly cut out and adjust for my next prep. My typical pre-bed meal would be cottage cheese and whey with peanut butter, so maybe switching to something like egg whites might be better.

A couple more questions if you don’t mind!

As you said you cut out dairy, and whey, does that mean you eat only whole foods on your prep, and no protein powders?

Are there any other foods you avoid due to water retention, or any other tips in general for ensuring you’re not holding any excess water?

As you get further in your prep and calories are reduced, would you continue to use something like Plazma during your workouts, or would you save your calories for a whole food pre-workout meal?

Thanks man!

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I can’t seem to get enough protein unless I supplement with a protein smoothie or two. I make my own kefir. I add fruits, veggies, almond butter and whey protein powder. I like naked whey as its pretty clean. If I have two smoothies in a day, I will make the second one with almond milk.

I also always have hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick snack.

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Nash: gotta love those HB eggs, a little sea salt and pepper. Yum.

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Blood rare and freshly killed !

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Nothing wrong with meat Dirk, lots of creatine in it.

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don’t be getting the wrong idea, but I usually take my protein orally.

I do cut dairy out during prep. I see no benefit of it and i tend to hold subcutaneous water

Guys who limit sodium intake usually hold a good deal of water.
High water intake plus sodium intake will flush you out aka diuresis

You should not be holding excess water if your eating while foods that come straight from the earth and no powders or processed foods…

I cut plazma simply bc I can’t grow or get any bigger (weight cut off)
If that wasn’t the case I’d keep plazma in as a carb bc I feel it’s superior delivery and timing

Cottage cheeses and PB is a straight desert in my eyes lol
No way I have anything like that in my prep! Not when trying to achieve sub 6%