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How Do You Take Your Oils?


So after a bit of reading through some articles here I've decided that I could get a lot better results if I took in more quality fats, instead of a tbsp of peanut butter here and there..

I went out and bought some pumpkin seed oil, cocnut oil, evening primrose and some fish oil... along with EVOO

I'm ok with shotting down the EVOO, primrose, pumpskinseed oil etc. but I'm not too sure how to deal with 3 tbsps of coconut oil due to it's texture.

So how do you guys take this stuff? Any tips?


Flameout and a taplespoon of liquid EFA's (once complete, changing to FA3). I'd rather support Biotest then some vegan tree-huggers.


I'd love to do this too, I'm just worried of being stiffed by customs!


Flameout all the way bro.


Coconut oil is good to cook with, and its also pretty tasty melted and poured in your protein shake..guess your shake needs to be room temperature though or else the cold temp of the shake would make it solidify again...


Would customs really take your pills of Fat?




use coconut oil for cooking purposes.


You have never imported anything have you? You basically get a totally random 50% chance of getting hit with an insane fee for no good reason at all. Really sucks.



Customs here have even charged me for the actual shipping costs before. Fuckers.


You can use coconut oil in salads or store it in the fridge so it hardens then either scoop it out and eat it or melt it over cooked fish.


Fish oil caps, mix coconut milk in shakes, shots of olive oil does it for me.


i eat meat.


I'm sure we all do, lol.


Thanks for the tips!