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How Do You Take Your Liquid Anastrozole?


I started out mixing mine in water since my dropper sucked....

Once I got a good dropper, I started applying directly on top of my tongue....then for some reason I got the bright idea to start applying under my tongue since that is supposedly a better conduit for absorption than on top of tongue & swallowing....

I was just wondering how you guys are taking yours, and if you think the method of ingestion is significant enough to pay attention to?


What's wrong with simply dropping into a glass of water and drinking?


I know mine didn't mix very well in the water since it is more viscous than most (I think)....it would tend to settle to the bottom of the water....

But if it mixes well, I see no difference between that and applying it directly to top of tongue...I was more curious about the absorption effects of sublingual vs. on top of tongue....


Put in glass, add water, that mixes, drink then more water to get the rest and drink. Is very well absorbed, no need to play with oral absorption. Take any time of day, with or without food.


mix with grapefruit juice (thank me later :slight_smile: )


Grapefruit will raise E2 levels if consumed regularly. Chemicals in grapefruit create loads on the same enzyme pathways that remove estrogens.


I can vouch for this! I wish I had learned this earlier.
I like grapefruit and had been eating some everyday.

My E2 went from 55 to 33 just by dropping the grapefruit.


u dont have to drink glasses a day just put a little in a glass with ur aromasin it will help with the taste


I actually dont mind the taste at all....


aromasin is not Anastrozole/anastrozole